Monday, November 1, 2010


Artist's need to be inspired as well as being able to inspire and provoke thought in others.
I am honored to be a guest Curator on Crescendoh this week.
Crescehdoh is the brain child of Jenny Doh.
The multi talented ex-Editor in chief of Stampington.  An artist, forward thinking
mover and shaker of a woman who has created Crescendoh as a means of connecting and inspiring creativity in this amazing Cottage Industry of Creative Women doing what they love and building their lives around that which they love.

Please visit Crescendoh to read a little about me and how I got to where I am in this life.

For my part in this, I am going to share with you art I have created from my past as well as present.
Pieces that I still have, or have sold that I find inspiring.

May you find them inspiring as well.

I Hope you enjoy.

 "The French Fashion Lady"

"The Royal Jewels"



"Mermaid Dreams"

"Dreaming in Pink and Aqua"

"Time Flies"

"Agape Vintage"

Mannequins and dress forms have been a core art subject for me.
I will share more with you this week of these multi use pieces.

Happy Monday and Be Inspired today!


  1. Hi Lisa, your creations are so imaginative funky and fun!!! I love each one. It looks like you had such fun bringing each one to life! Best wishes with Crescendoh!!! XO Christie

  2. They all look cool! I luv them all Thank's for sharing....Julian

  3. Hi Sweetie,
    Just read your precious story at Crescendoh. Thanks for sharing with such vulnerablity and beauty. I'm always so inspired by you.XOXO Hope your week is beautiful! And congrats on the new little peapod in your world! Much love my friend,

  4. They are amazing pieces! I am looking forward to come back to your magical house to see some of them again. On my way to Crescendoh, Pricipessa!
    La tua Regina