Thursday, October 25, 2012

Broken Hatbox

I am a regular vendor at The Vintage Marketplace every 3 months in Fallbrook.
Two shows ago, I admired this beautiful Vintage Givenchy Hatbox
that another vendor had.
Gorgeous colors, Right?

But the box was totally falling apart.  
The top was separated totally from it's rim and the bottom was totally off.
I passed on buying it and at the end of the show Lauren gifted it to me
saying she knew I would do something cool with it.
I thanked her and knew all I would do is repair it
and use it in my studio to store vintage something or other in.

Using vintage Pattern paper (which I pick up at thrift stores for about 50 cents) the interior was completely decoupage with one layer to give the box some stability and re-adhere
the base and top circles.
 (of course I only took one pic of this and in was blurry, note to self to take 2 pic next time)

Afte fully decoupaging the interiors with the pattern paper, I needed to figure what to use to bind the outside rim of the top and bottom.  Black paper tape had been used before, but not having this...
what to use???

Bias tape is thin enough to accept a glue and fold over rounded edges rather my stash I go!

YES, I love old sewing stuff!!

I used a large bead of tacky glue all around the rim and cut the bias tape about 1/4 inch larger than the total diameter.

Kinda messy, I just used my fingers and occasionally a paintbrush dipped in Modge Podge to smooth and adhere the bias tape to the edges.

The box was fairly warped so I weighed the top down and inverted the box on a pedestal
so the sides would pull down a bit. See the shadow?  (hope that makes sense)

When dried, I punched out the paper from the metal eyelets, which are for the cord to go back through.
(the bruise on my forearm is from being mauled by studio furniture moved this week)

Now this wonderful hatbox is intact again and I can fill it with
millinery or maybe, Bias tape! 

Thank you Lauren!

Now back to Studio Organizing!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Harmony in Cambria

This summer Mom, Emily and I took a couple days to visit Cambria.
If you have never been and have a chance, you should.
It is the most darling town along the central California Coast.

Just south of San Simeon, home to the World Famous Hearst Castle.
Just south of Cambria is the TINY town of Harmony.

We had a lovely couple of days, staying at the Cambria Pines Lodge, which is one
of my favorite places to stay there.
They have lovely walking gardens, great accommodations and
a pretty nice breakfast that is included in your stay.

All of these photos were taken with my Iphone and edited via
Instagram and Pic Monkey.

Freaking amazing what pics we can now take with a PHONE.
I have a bunch more to edit on my Big camera.

But for now, I hope you enjoyed these!


Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Baaack

Hello Friends.
It's been awhile since I blogged, so today is just a little update of what has
been happening since I last checked in.

Past few months has had it's HIGHS, and LOWS.

I will stick with the HIGHS!

Emily started Junior high in August.  7th Grade
and LOVES it.  So relieved.
She is in all GATE classes and doing well!
She was selected to be a Safe School Ambassador which
is kind of like an anti bullying campaign.
They chose kids who were recommended by previous teachers to show leadership
amongst their peers and social justice skills.
Em has always stood up for peers who were left out because of social labels and was typically the volunteer to show the new kid around.
I am so proud of her!

We recently had her 12th B-day party which was a sleepover and so much fun with the girls!

First we Sack Raced!

Then we played this funny build the hair out of shaving cream game.
then each partner stood several feet away and tossed candy dots of the shaving cream hair of the seated
partner.  The pair with the greatest amount of candy stuck to the shaving cream won.
It was hilarious!

Next it was a watermelon eating contest.
So glad that at 12, these girls were happy to play more silly games than
true "Teen" stuff.
We also played the game where you had a word on your back and had to ask yes or no questions
of your peers to figure out what you were.
They though this was so fun they played it over and over again .

The mustache thing is all the rage right now with Tweens.
So I scored these really cool glassed on Ebay for each girl.  
They loved them!

These girls seem to all drank the "One Direction" cool aide and much of the night was
spent watching their videos and squealing to their favorite band members.

It was a super fun night...Tweens...need I say more?

I also sold at The Vintage Marketplace 
in Early September.

You really must go if you can.  It is one of the best and most unique Marketplaces around.
Next event is November 30th and December 1st...just in time for Christmas!!!

my booth...

Most recently I sold at Glitterfest.

Another great show...

I won a most BOOtiful booth award this show and am honored.

Well I am back from my hiatus for good, 
Look for more posts from me and some really cool changes as well.

Happy Fall!!!