Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Parasol painting class

First class of the year, ladies!
Let's paint a parasol!

Last year I did several parasols for customers and Art is You retreats. Sooo many requests have come in from my local students to offer this as a class!

No painting experience required. I will guide you!   Class will be Saturday, January 24th from 10-3. Class is $75. Light lunch included. Minimal supply list.
Location, My studio.  Email me to sign up! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Homeless Man

Homeless man on my street
digs through recycle bins

peering from my window
he puts a magazine gently in his pocket

perhaps his only entertainment

He moves onto the next bin

I scurry to find a recyclable to offer
only one water bottle
half empty
half full?

pour part on two plants
and the rest in my mouth

run outside

Approach him

a rugged
pretty brown eyes
peer at me.



Handing him my one little bottle,
I apologize for not having more to offer

we rarely have cans or bottles

He graciously thanks me,
nodding his head.

I return to my home
to the next recycle bin.

- Lisa Loria

After I ate breakfast I threw some food in a bag and some bottled water. 
Hopped in my car and tried to find him. no luck.

Wish I had thought of packing him food before he left my street.