Thursday, May 31, 2012

Following Signs...

I believe LiFe is full of Signs.

Signs from God, The Universe, whatever your belief system.

Signs tell us we are on the right path, the wrong one, street signs,
health signs...warnings. Etc.  You get my drift.

Our Life has been a real uphill battle this past year.
I keep hoping things will get better, they do, then don't.

Still having problems with my oldest son.
My ex husband is scheduled for major surgery.
and the saddest is my Daughter in Law's Father is fighting for his life.
He is 53.

All of the above had signs.
Did we or they see them?
Heed them?

Too often we ignore life's signs I think.

I know my husband did when he felt ill for so long.

At any rate, it is ironic and I just drew the parallel that my latest work has been Sign Making.

At the most recent Glitterfest I debuted this sign.

It was a hit and photographed the entire day.

So, I decided to make more.

YES, the "N" is backwards.
This is the one I am keeping.
This is what happens when you are gluing and drinking Ale.

These are all going with me tomorrow to be for sale at

The Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow.

I made two of each word and you know what?

I am only taking one of each for sale, because
they are going on my wall in my studio and in Emily's room.

Remember to pay attention to Life's signs.

Simple signs as well as the complex one!


(oh and just a note, PLEASE if you PIN or copy my work...GIVE ME CREDIT)

Thank you.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Wedding

I was married on Mother's Day.
Sunday, May 12th, 2000.

Before DIY weddings were vogue,
heck don't think the phrase had been coined yet.

On a hillside of wildflowers in San Dimas
we were married.

Me, in a pale yellow dress bought from a Jessica Mc Clintock outlet for 26 dollars.
Even wore matching pale yellow Keds with laces of tuille.

John was dressed in his Western Best, apropos as the ranch he kept his horse at was but 
a short jaunt down the road.

Afterward, we had a very cool Backyard BBQ reception.
It was a Potluck, two friends manned the BBQ's and grilled dogs and burgers.
The tables were covered with red/white checkered tablecloths with vintage coke bottles
at the centers. Tied off with raffia and filled with wildflowers.
Bales of hay conscientiously arranged had galvanized basins filled
with iced beer, water and soda.

It was simple, affordable and perfect.

I remember us talking about being married on Mother's Day, how romantic I remember it feeling.

It would have been 12 years tomorrow that we would have been married,
but we only got to halfway to our 4th year when John passed.

Not a day goes by I don't think of him, how could I not
when Emily is an absolute 50/50 blend of he and I. 
I can see as much of him in her as I can see myself.

Each year as Mother's Day approaches, I relive that day
and honor his memory.  It was a very happy day.

Our marriage was like most who marry a second time and have children
from a first marriage.  That usually is the biggest issue.
He and I definitely went rounds about my 3 sons, but it
always worked out and I am sure, would have even today had he lived.
We had so much respect for each other and were very good friends.

Though Life goes on and I have found Love again,
we never forget the ones who leave indelible marks on our souls
and change us and the trajectory of our lives forever.

I am thankful for what time we had and thankful for Mother, Nana,  my children and grandson,
thankful that life has given me such wonderful family and friends to share it with.

May each of you have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!