Saturday, October 24, 2009

A fairy lives here...

I worked in my studio all day today. The house was fairly quiet, the children were away most of the day doing there own things. Each came home at different times. When I was packing up for my show tomorrow, I noticed tiny fairy bouquets sitting on my bureau...

Aren't they magical? Tiny little flowers gathered into darling bouquets.

Hydrangea, Coleus blossoms...tenderly wrapped in leaves.

I found her...the fairy fae who lives here and leaves me magical little trinkets.
Must be sure she knows how special she is.

I have three sons. Any of you mothers of just sons can empathize with me that there is a little part of your soul that longs for a daughter. She is a shining different than the boys. She leaves me love notes and tokens all of the time.

These bouquets made me day and I had to share. Tomorrow we share an adventure participating in the Mermaid Mercantile. A Mother/Daughter day.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

In the Pink!

As you lovely ladies out there know, or should know.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
I am dedicating this post to my Friend Apryl and her sister Norma.
Apryl was diagnosed with the same breast cancer, in the same breast and the
same age as her older sister Norma. Norma lost her life to the disease while she was undergoing experimental drug testing. For Norma it was too late and she was too far into her disease and lost her life to it. 10 years later when Apryl was diagnosed her life was saved by the same treatment her sister was part of the trial for.
She is a miracle.

In their honor and in honor of the many others who have won and lost their battles to the disease, I have decided to post some of my favorite pink things from my photo

Remember to get the Ta-Tas checked ladies. so we can each see many more beautiful sunsets with our loved ones. xoxo, Lisa

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mermaid's Mercantile!

Come join myself and about 20 other talented ladies at "The Mermaid's Mercantile" in the Cedros District of Solana Beach at Debi Beard's Shop, "Out of the Blue".
Lots of Wonderful items for sale!

I am having a Blow out table of some cool Vintage and Altered art doo-das for sale.
Prices you don't want to miss...moving out some old and cool finds, to bring in the new!!!

xoxo...see you there!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Work last week

Last Thursday, I spent the day with my Soul Sister Kathy. We met over 10 years ago, in a thrift store. Yep, our junktiqueing travels brought us together and we have been pals ever since!

We traded a piece of furniture for my painting services on a dress form for her business. Here it is...

Friday's Work was painting a beautiful crown on the floor of Andrea Harris' Antique space at Treasures & Junk in Ontario. She was super happy with the finished product as I was. It was taken from a Vintage Image.

I'll post about my Saturday Yard sale adventures Tomorrow! Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


My Oh, My...what a fun day it was at Glitterfest! I was happy with my display...

The King of Halloween and his Friends!

Pumpkin Fairy, Mr Skeleton and my most cherished and prized altered art Mannequin!

Yes, I glued EVERY one of those mirrors and vintage Jewelry on her! She was a show stopper, for sure. A lot of people thought it was a Vegas showgirl corsette.


Ahhh, my Boo-pumpkin Baby and spider eyeballs..."Eye See You"

They were a hit and many of these went home with customers.

Many eyeball hair flowers flitted did Mr. Skeleton spider who was

"Puttin on the Glitz" for Glitterest!

My New friend Bridgette has the most AMAZING jewelry...Love her work! She bought my Dia De Los Muerte Cross and gave it a new home. Nice and Very talented lady!

Visit her blog at She is my newest blog friend and hope to get to know her more. A warm and genuine person!

My soldering teacher Robin Dudley-Howes was there with her friend Karen Benson.

Great ladies too, with a great display and wonderful wares. Their blogs are and Karen's is

Great work!

I also met Tricia of Doll with the cutest goodies...She is part of a wonderful venue next month in Mesa Arizona, called Blissfest. They have invited me to attend, but not sure yet if I can make it! For

sure in the Spring if not!

It was a wonderful day and I look forward to attending the Spring show!

Be there!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Women's Convention

A big ole' hello to you all.
I've been away from blogging, spending time
in my studio preparing for upcoming events.

Looking forward to attending a Woman's Conference Locally
in Fontana on October 8th. The topics will be Tweet or not to Tweet???
Also the Keynote speaker is Georgia Durante. An interesting and successful lady with an amazing story, can't wait to hear her speak.

I am an exhibitor at the conference marketing my Jewelry, so hope that goes well,too!

On Saturday is Glitterfest and oooh, the altered art lovelies I have for that...Hope to see you there!!!

Pic is of part of my space from the Mermaid's Mercantile, which is a standing art show held the last Sunday of the month in Beautiful Solana Beach at Debi Beard's shop, "Out of the Blue".