Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jewelry Affaire SPRING

I am beyond honored to be a Featured Artist in the Spring Issue of Jewelry Affaire.
Beth Livesay, the Managing Editor outdid herself with this beautiful issue.
CHOC Full of beautiful jewelry.

The magazine is gorgeous from start to finish.

This is just a snippet of the article.

So very Thankful!
Thank you Beth for everything!

The above car is a piece my Pap-pap Joe made.
I reference him in my article.

This also belonged to Pap-Pap Joe and is part of my article!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Glitterfest Spring

Saturday was the 4th Glitterfest I attended.
It is always such an amazing event.
It was so nice to see friends, customers, fellow bloggers and
make new connections. 
Sheryl and Diane of Whimzy always outdo themselves
putting this event together.

It got busy quick, so I really only had a chance to shoot my own table.
We had shoppers fly in from Washinton and Colorado.
It was such a pleasure meeting those ladies and hope
they enjoy the Bling Babies and Jewelry they took with them.

Bling Babies were all adopted this weekend.

"Blossom Face" Necklaces

This was the debut of MY Fabulous Suitcase display that I designed and built.
It worked perfectly and will be a staple in future displays.

I sculpted Inchworm Baby and Ladybug Baby for my large Flower Display that
is headed for The Garden of Beaden in Upland.

My BF Kathy came out to help me for the day.  It was the first time since I started doing Glitterfest 
that I had a helper and THANK GOD For her...it was wonderful to have help!
Not to mention it has been TOO LONG since we played together for a day,
our lives are so busy.
Thank you for all of you that came out to support us.
Put October 15th on your calendar ladies.
That is the next Glitterfest and you really DON'T want to miss it!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Studio Mini-Break

My son Christian and I have committed to a weekly a.m. hike.
Being that I needed a couple hours away from the Studio and the weather here in So Cal is PERFECT, this morning was it!
Living at the base of a Mtn Range has it's advantages, 
one mile from me are some really nice little trails.
We chose Cucamonga Creek.
It was my first time here,
the local teens hit it in the summer because of waterfalls 
and swimming holes.

Beginning of trail.

Absolutely Breathtaking bush covered in bees.
It smelled so sweet, no wonder they Love it.
At this point my camera batteries die.
( meant to charge them before I left)
So, used my phone to take the rest of the pics.

As we climb down a hill, basically into a ravine that is for water shed, we find the trail is GONE.
It has been washed out, probably by some of the crazier rain we have had this winter.
So, we had to cross the water twice to hook up back to the original trail.

So pretty back here, one of several waterfalls.
We got to a point past here where the ravine narrows so much that the water 
is just too sketch to pass, so we turned back.
We'll come back when the water recedes a bit.

The light was so pretty here.
A couple or really OLD oak trees.
Wanna shoot the punks that do the graffiti though...grrrr.

On the way home, I took Christian past a local landmark.

Sam Maloof's Home is a located very close to us.
It was moved during freeway construction.
I have toured it twice, and it is an artfully designed and constructed home.
The window joints are totally cool puzzle corners.
At one point a tree fell on his home, instead of removing the tree, he built around it.
Love his spiral staircases too!

They have art festivals here and you can tour Sam's Studio/workshop.
I highly recommend it.
Sam is since deceased, but his home and art is a legacy.
His work is in the Smithsonian Museum.

So, a nice respite from the studio this morning, a 3 mile hike
and quality time with my 19 year old son.

Now, back to the studio...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

White Wednesday

This would be my first White Wednesday post.
Considering my nickname is "the Color Girl"
at many shows because of how colorful my work is, one
might think I don't like white.

To the contrary, the only true "collections" I have in my home are white...
some of my favorite things are white.

It is true though, that white is an Accent color in my home and studio.

This mannequin is full of my collection of carved mother of pearl pieces

Many of these are from the victorian era and were flower vases.
You can also see a few pieces of jewelry that I made.

Some are Souvenier Pieces, mostly from the East Coast.
The one on the left from Rhode Island is an Ink well.
The small piece on the right is a coin purse.
It is lined in deteriorating red leather and paper cut from an old book, German I believe.

The small bowls have sterling silver feet and spoons,
They probably are salters. In History, it was a symbol of wealth if you could
afford salt.  These could have easily held caviar as well.

Carved napkin rings, many with New England Port names on them.
The charms on the necklace all originate from Jerusalem.
Very much known for Religious carved mother of pearl jewelry.

Beautiful Art Nouveau Wall pocket in my bathroom. 

Part of my white Matte Pottery Vase collection.
I like the uniformity of color, so I can appreciate the forms.

Matte white pottery holds my art supplies above my Antique drafting table.

These collections have taken 15 years to accumulate.  I don't actively pursue 
collecting.  The timing and price just has to be right in order for each piece
to find its way to me.


Monday, March 7, 2011

More Chateau

Friday and Saturday, I sold at Chateau de Fleurs in Fallbrook, CA.
It was our 5th event and it was the most attended and highest sales yet.

Time spent with my friends and customers there is every bit as rewarding.  
It is like a mini vacation and soulful retreat.
The weather was perfect as well.

My very expensive camera is giving me some issues, 
so I only got a couple of shots.
My newest buddy Susie who surprised me with a visit managed to take some nice photos,
 so head on over to her blog and read away.  

Susie is a warm and wonderful soul and we had a
 lovely time getting to know each other
 in person rather than via email and face book!

As tiring as creating can be, hauling one's goods like a wandering 
Gypsy from sale to sale,
I feel so very fortunate to be able to make my living doing this.
Having people actually Like my art enough to buy it is such a fulfilling feeling.
But, making the kind of friends that no amount of money could EVER buy
is where the real treasure lies.

The joy truly is in the Journey!

Much Love,

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chateau de Fleurs

for creating a beautiful Blog for me.
Can't wait for the other work that we are going to do together!

Quick post here.
This weekend is Chateau de Fleurs Vintage Marketplace in Fallbrook, CA.
This quarterly sale Hosted by Christie Repasy and Rita Reade 
is not one you want to miss.
22 Artists/Vintage Junkies
bring out the best of the best of their Treasures for our customers to purchase.

I took one load this morning and am busily getting ready
so I can leave at 5 in the morning to get out there and finish 
my setup.

Here are a couple pics I took today of
some of my friends booths while they were setting up.

Come out and join us for a day in the Country.

9-5 Friday and 9-3 on Saturday.
On Sunday I will post pics of the actual event.