Thursday, July 10, 2014

The ULTIMATE Jewelry Display

Several Years ago, I had one of my wacky ideas to build a super cool Jewelry Display with a Vintage suit case.  Think Traveling salesman opens his Case, Wagon or coat and out pops all kids of wonderful items for sale (not a flasher girls, get your mind out of that gutter). ;-)    This was my vision and plan.

Looks like a normal vintage suitcase

To map out the interior of the suitcase was the biggest challenge.  Finding just the right size items to make them fit together and close.  Putting things on hinges, etc.  It took me a few months to gather the perfect items and with the help of my Honey, we assembled it. It was a big chore, but worth it!

I have used it at several shows, but it has sat since then, so I think it is time to part with it.  Hit me up if you are interested.  $250 and it is compact for traveling and Uber cool, if I don't say so myself.

Here is a shot of the case used at various venues.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Painting a Poem

A few years ago, I met a lovely lady named Cindy Craine at an event hosted by another lovely lady Kim Caldwell.  Cindy bought several of my art dolls and has since been an avid collector and customer of my work.  Several months ago she asked if I had any paintings for sale, which I did.  But we instead discussed a commission.  She could customize the piece to her liking in both subject matter and color.  To go with a certain decor or whatever her heart desired.   So, back in April, Cindy emailed me with an idea....She had written a poem and wondered if I thought it crazy to create a painting off of it!  Just my kind of Crazy!

I was thrilled.  Ironically, as a kid I spent hours in my own little make believe dream world, writing poems, reading, creating stories, drawing, painting, listening to music, sewing and making things out of whatever I had.  My first love is language and the written word.  Many times in my life, I have turned back to writing words for outing feelings, ideas, learning, comfort, solitude and entertainment. She too turns to writing for comfort.

Not knowing anything personal of her life, the poem revealed to me a bit of her struggle.  It referenced a health problem, so I asked and she told me of her Parkinson's disease.  This made creating a work for her even more special to me.  Her words moved me and made me cry on several occasions.  Creating a visual piece to communicate her Poem has been a truly amazing experience.  Here is her poem.
Down the Rabbit’s Hole

Shake rattle and roll
I fell down the rabbit’s hole
the rabbit was late
to open the gate
but alas he still may alter my state.
He said “follow me to the magical tea,
I have it here under this tree”.
I sat down in haste, 
oh how would it taste
this magical tea
made just for me
Would it cure my ill
without a pill
could this really be my day
to keep the shakes at bay
I took a sip then felt very odd
like walking into a cloud or even a bog
Then the shakes stood still 
like an oak on a hill
How long, I asked can I remain this way
the rabbit spoke with no delay
You have to stay here for the duration of life
this is your home now free of strife 
“But I have to return to show what you’ve done”
the rabbit smiled or was it the cat, 
looking for a bit if fun.
“You choose your fate” said the cat with a wink,
“I’ll give it in writing using invisable ink.”
Knowing my happiness was really not there
but not really here
should I return and do my little best
I’m too tired to think I need a rest.

I woke to trembles up and down 
like the shaking of the leaves as they fell on the ground
I was sorry to find the rabbit and cat
had long since gone
will they come back, I hope it’s not long...............

I wanted to find a way to not just visually interpret her words, but worked to incorporate some of the poem into the painting itself where I felt it fit. Not wanting to look at the piece and have the words dominate it, but to have them be a bit more subtle.

I love her relationship with the Rabbit.  With his wild cooky eyes
and laughing face, sloppily spilling a drop of tea like he is teasing her.

The oak leaves falling from the tree as referenced in her poem.  A background that is dreamlike.

Enter the Cat.
Cindy LOVES cats.
He too tempts her with his dangling timepiece.

This is a large painting, 48 x48.

This is by far, my favorite commission to date.

It has really made me realize how much I missed the aspect of mural painting in which the client and I collaborated on an idea which was then brought to fruition via my imagination and brush. 

But working from a poem has also inspired me.

Thank you Cindy for the honor of bringing your poem to life in a picture.
May it bring you a bit of peace and joy to look upon it
as it has done me while creating it.