Thursday, July 10, 2014

The ULTIMATE Jewelry Display

Several Years ago, I had one of my wacky ideas to build a super cool Jewelry Display with a Vintage suit case.  Think Traveling salesman opens his Case, Wagon or coat and out pops all kids of wonderful items for sale (not a flasher girls, get your mind out of that gutter). ;-)    This was my vision and plan.

Looks like a normal vintage suitcase

To map out the interior of the suitcase was the biggest challenge.  Finding just the right size items to make them fit together and close.  Putting things on hinges, etc.  It took me a few months to gather the perfect items and with the help of my Honey, we assembled it. It was a big chore, but worth it!

I have used it at several shows, but it has sat since then, so I think it is time to part with it.  Hit me up if you are interested.  $250 and it is compact for traveling and Uber cool, if I don't say so myself.

Here is a shot of the case used at various venues.


  1. Still available? Does it include displays inside? Cost to ship?

    1. Hi Jen...think you emailed me through Etsy. Yes, available and I need your zip code to calculate shipping. The first photo above of it open is everything that it comes with. Thanks!

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