Saturday, July 31, 2010

Altered Couture

In my mailbox yesterday I was so happy to find copies of Altered Couture and Home,
both of which I am honored to be published in.

Of the three article I wrote for Altered Couture, my FAVORITE is 

"Ode To Eliza"

They are my fingerless gloves I devised, some using knee socks.
Happily in the Audrey Hepburn section of the magazine.
Who doesn't LOVE Audrey?
I grew up addicted to Old Movies.  Particularly Musicals.
LOVING musical theatre, 6 years were spent in choir/drama between church and Junior & 
High school.
My dream was to be a singer.
Much to the chagrin of my brother, I sang ALL of the time growing up.
But, I am am an Artist/Mother who listens to music all of the time and is a Singer to my Kids, dogs, Honey and  bird...I'm sure my neighbors hear me sometimes too.
 I know every line and all the music by heart in too many musicals to list, but 
"My Fair Lady" is probably my Fave...along with Moulin Rouge.

Also published were some shoes I altered...
The flats are sold, but the black and white still reside in my closet!

At any rate, thank you Beth Livesay 
and Stampington for publishing me.

Also published are many of friends, Deb, Debi, Laina and Rachel.

Good Job Ladies!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shoes and Chandeliers

I have always adored shoes and have owned some pretty wild ones over the course of my life.

My love of shoes found it's way onto a Chandelier...yes, a Chandelier...or more likely a 

"Shoedelier" as I like to call it.

Photography done by my great friend Claire Brocato.

I am incredibly honored to have my "Shoedelier" featured in this Month's Stampington Issue of
Somerset Home.  Thank you Beth for being the most wonderful Editor to work with!!!

Available online from Stampington...


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Winged Muse

Visit my other Blog...

To see a post on these Killer lockers I got from Country Roads...

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Urban Barn

Finally posting about my weekend. 
Well, it was over 100 degrees in Escondido at The Urban Barn's Grand Opening.
Despite the heat, we had customers and many of my treasures found new homes.
Thank you to all of my loyal customers who braved the heat to come visit all of us!!

This fair skinned little angel was shopping with her Mommy, who had the foresight
to be sure her parasol shaded her from the sun AND matched her Tu-Tu!

Jamie and Lori Martin of "Two Wild Roses".

Lori's Fabulous Mannequin, bedecked in Victorian.

I finally remembered to bring my 4 lanterns that accent my canopy so well...

Miss Eliza Doolittle before she became My Fair Lady...

Bought this display stand from Jamie when I first met her...Nope, not for sale!!

"Bella" the mannequin belongs to my Regina,

Rita did this fabulous bottle display under her canopy...genius!

Even Linda Carpenter's Trailer was bedecked for tours...

This amazing lady is Deb Kennedy of
Her and her hubby Bob traveled all the way from Washington State to be her.
Their work is amazing and I made a new friend...Lovely people who I felt so sorry for.
They aren't use to the kind of heat we were having.

The space below belongs to Sandra Finn
Sandra Bought the little white hand from me.
All though We are polar opposites in terms of style....
I LOVE color and she Hates it...we both respect
each others work.

Super Handsome Rockabilly band played in the bed of Mary's pickup truck...
The young girls were swooning...too cute!

The Barn was Beautiful.  The ladies really did a great job pulling it all together.
Happy Tuesday all!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ebay Babey!!!

I am back on ebay selling LOTS of Jewelry supplies.
And I mean a lot as well as "LOTS".

If you are wanting or needing some funky Vintage jewelry makings supplies,  check them out.
I will be listing many items over the next weeks, cleaning out my studio for my new work.

Also, come to the Urban Barn this weekend for BLOWOUT prices on my current Jewelry.


Monday, July 12, 2010


Sometimes you just need a break to re-group and that is exacly what I have been doing.
Life had been a little stressful lately and I am kind of burnt out right now.
I recently made the decisions to give up Coffee, Wine, Meat and Dairy. It's one of those things I have contemplated for years.  I was having some stomach issues, and have been reading loads of information on health, nutrition and the food industry.

One week ago I cold turkeyed all of those items, started working out again and aside from needing a pro-biotic (if you shift your diet drastically, get some) I feel amazing.
No cravings, sluggishness or headaches I have heard so many complain about when giving up coffee. Skin is cleared and I feel more "balanced" if that makes sense. Even lost 3 lbs...woohoo!

I have made absolutely nothing new for my business and have a show this weekend,
The Urban Barn...have enough to take, so it is all good.
I did manage to spend one day in the kitchen preserving fruit.
My neighbors gave me bags of plums, apples and apricots.

So, plum preserves, apricot preserves and apple butter.
I have LOADS.  All organic, no added sugar.  Delish!

It is very interesting to watch the apple break down when you are cooking it.

Here is a pic of a hibiscus flower in my garden...

It is a plant that struggles to live & barely hangs on.
My garden is very English, maybe it feels like it doesn't belong.

Pretty colors.

Turtle was gazing up at me from the pond as I took a picture of the flower.
He probably was hoping I was making move to feed him again...
the little fatty.

Much Love, blog friends.
Lots on my workbench and lists in my planner of wonderful new things to make.

Next week.  
Taking August off from shows to teach two Bling Baby classes and work on new bling for 
September's Chateau de Fleurs.

Just wait until you see what I have in store...
XO, Lisa

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bling Baby Class

So, the babies are on their way to Gilding the Lily on August 7th to help me teach a class there.

If  you want to take a class with me and learn how to make your very own Bling Baby, 
click the link...
and call Dede Warren to sign up.

Class is $75.  Saturday, August 7th from 11-3.
You bring your own doll and lamp base, cage 
or whatever else you would like to be as a base or stand.
The lamp base can be metal or glass.
The doll has to have her torso and can be composition
or plastic.  No Bisque or porcelain dolls.

If you do not have or cannot find these components, I will have some supplies for sale for you.
Email me for specifics on that.

If you want special "Bling" on her, bring it too.
I will have some bling to choose from, but if you are really picky, 
bring what you want to see on your doll.

I will be prividing all of the other goodies to complete your baby.

Bring Wire cutters, a hack saw if you have one.

We are going to have a great time, grown up girls playing with Dolls!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dreaming while driving

Two weeks ago after I left The Urban Barn sale, 

I was dreaming about this mannequin...

I have had her a few years.  
She is a shorter form, cuts off right at the top of the hip.
Covered in tons of victorian through the 40's lace.  Insets, collars, cuffs.
Great lace!

Here is a small shot of her backside...
(lower right corner of the photo)

Now, while I like her, I was never crazy about her.
Especially the bow, 
what was I thinking with that bow and skirt?????

Think it was during my Moulin Rouge can-can dancer phase...

So at the Urban Barn sale, I tried to blow her out for $75.
Got that?  Seventy Five bucks!!!

Two ladies hemmed and hawed but hedged, so she came home with me.
Like virtually any project of mine, if I am not quite happy with it and it sits long enough or doesn't sell, to the wrecking pile it goes.

(envision mad scientist Cartoon throwing parts from behind her, dust, saw sounds)
think you get the picture.

So as I drove, her new vision came to me.

Taking old fencing...THANK YOU LINDA from The Urban Barn
for gifting me 6 feet of fencing.

I fashioned a bell shaped skirt for her.
Let's just say Bolt Cutters can be a girls best friend.

At the sale from one of the vendors, I scored a killer vintage floor lamp base...

Which is now her new stand.
Stripped her of the black and white and now just have to decide if she is getting a vintage corsette or more lace.

What d'ya think???

Plan to use her to clip my hair flowers to at shows.

A little makeover is all a girl needs sometimes to feel fresh and new!

Now I am loving her, she came out exactly as pictured in my tiny brain.


Friday, July 2, 2010

It takes a Village...

Art is about community. 
It should be after all, that all though we are all unique, 
each of us is trying to ink out a living doing what we love.

I have been fortunate enough to meet some really gracious and giving people on this journey.

At the end of the last Urban Barn Sale, I didn't have enough room in my car to take everything home. My friend Rita offered to store my stuff at their house until the next show.
 As I needed my goodies to rework something before the next show, 
Rita and I decided to make it a play day!
I can't say enough about Rita, she is warm gracious and her and Dean are the best hosts in the world.  They are like family and Em and I feel like their home is a home away from home for us.

Rita bought this aqua crinoline at the Barn and decided to model it!

Emily and I hit the road at 8:30 and headed to Fullerton to meet Nancy at Giding the Lily to drop off two Bling Babies for the class I am instructing there on Saturday, August 7th.

Thank you Nancy for graciously meeting me early.
Gilding the Lily is an AMAZING source for vintage millinery, lace, trim, buttons, lots of jewelry components and lots of cool vintage finds.  Their class list is always impressive and I am honored to be teaching there. To sign up for the Bling Baby class, contact Dede...

Then it was off to Rainbow to The Reade Home.
Rita kindly drove the rest of the day.  First stop was The Urban Barn.
If you have not been to the Barn, GO!!!

Linda Carpenter is one of the most generous people I know.
Her vision for the Barn is coming along wonderfully!
Linda GAVE me some antique fencing I was needing for a mannequin project I am working on.
I offered her money and she refused.
 Enjoy these cool shots of the Barn...

Beautiful Dress form all gussied up!

Mary Smilove's vignettes...LOVE her use of color!


Cutest Geisha painting!!!!

Chandeliers are all over the place!

The back of the Urban Barn houses tons of architectural salvage and metal...

Darla's area.

Beautiful Vignettes are everywhere!

One of Sandra's cool setups!

More to come tomorrow about the rest of my adventure with Rita
and to meet some more women that I appreciate!!!