Monday, July 12, 2010


Sometimes you just need a break to re-group and that is exacly what I have been doing.
Life had been a little stressful lately and I am kind of burnt out right now.
I recently made the decisions to give up Coffee, Wine, Meat and Dairy. It's one of those things I have contemplated for years.  I was having some stomach issues, and have been reading loads of information on health, nutrition and the food industry.

One week ago I cold turkeyed all of those items, started working out again and aside from needing a pro-biotic (if you shift your diet drastically, get some) I feel amazing.
No cravings, sluggishness or headaches I have heard so many complain about when giving up coffee. Skin is cleared and I feel more "balanced" if that makes sense. Even lost 3 lbs...woohoo!

I have made absolutely nothing new for my business and have a show this weekend,
The Urban Barn...have enough to take, so it is all good.
I did manage to spend one day in the kitchen preserving fruit.
My neighbors gave me bags of plums, apples and apricots.

So, plum preserves, apricot preserves and apple butter.
I have LOADS.  All organic, no added sugar.  Delish!

It is very interesting to watch the apple break down when you are cooking it.

Here is a pic of a hibiscus flower in my garden...

It is a plant that struggles to live & barely hangs on.
My garden is very English, maybe it feels like it doesn't belong.

Pretty colors.

Turtle was gazing up at me from the pond as I took a picture of the flower.
He probably was hoping I was making move to feed him again...
the little fatty.

Much Love, blog friends.
Lots on my workbench and lists in my planner of wonderful new things to make.

Next week.  
Taking August off from shows to teach two Bling Baby classes and work on new bling for 
September's Chateau de Fleurs.

Just wait until you see what I have in store...
XO, Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa, I'm so glad you are taking time for yourself. I love all the pictures of your fruit in the process of becoming jam, so colorful and fresh.Your post is very inspiring! XO Christie

  2. Lisa it's always good to take time to refresh ..we all need that and don't do it often enough. I love your turtle !!!

    I too am planning after this show to change my diet ..start excercising and get back on track ..sometimes we get so caught up in everything else we lose track of where we need to be.

    Glad your feeling better with your new diet !!!

    See you Friday...