Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Franken Marie

Franken Marie is ready for the Monster Mash Ball!

This doll has some amazing little sculpted details. From the mouse and skull on her cakes, to the bats in her hair. 

Incredible attention to detail has been done in creating her. 

I love the playfulness of this piece and I LOVE Halloween! 

She is the only one available and is SOLD.

Thank you! 

Custom Marie's

Since making my first pink haired Marie a few years ago and this revamped one last December, I've taught two classes and made about 30 of them. (Actually, it's probably more, but I lost count)

These are my last two: 

A Gothic Victorian Marie.

I loved doing this black lacy Marie! Adding the red and gold accents were just too fun and her headpiece is my favorite element!  This is for a dear client of mine who collects my work and is getting married soon. I bet she looks a lot like this as her wedding is Gothic Victorian! Can't wait to see her wedding  pics! I believe this little girl will be on display at her nuptials. 

The second Marie is a gift from a mother to a daughter. A housewarming for her first apartment. Her daughter is a fan and follows my work. She knew exactly what she wanted. A pink and blue Marie with a tiny ship and a swan. 

The tiny ship is a vintage Cracker Jack charm that I delicately repainted. It's perfect!

The swan is sculpted of polymer clay and black details hand painted. 

I just adore these dolls and making them. It is such an honor they have r resonated with my customers and fans! 

Just finished a few seasonal pieces that will be available as custom orders or in class format at my studio. 

I will also be making just tiny cakes that will be for sale, so stay tuned on that! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Paints and Pinterest

Storing paint in ones studio is often a challenge. Especially tube paint. It doesn't stand upright. Gets shifted and buried in bins, etc. then you have to dig for colors. Ugh. Waste of time. 

After seeing this on Pinterest...
I knew I had to recreate it in my own studio. So, to the sideyard I went. A few years ago, I trash picked this fence piece. It was in my garden for awhile with an assemblage junk angel I made on it. 

But in my classic fashion, I tired of the angel and disassembled it...saving the fence piece for a future project. 

Voila! The future had arrived!  After blowing every tiny spider and web from every nook and cranny. My honey attached it to the wall. 

I even used the flowers sign from the garden angel and made the "just paint" sign. The little plastic paint palette
was one of my first ones from 20 plus years ago. I liked the dried colors and just used it as decor. Plus the paint use to adhere to those older plastic palettes different than the newer ones. 

I'm super duper happy with this! Here is how it looks in my studio overall. 

Now...I'm off to finish that sweet coyote painting for a client. Thanks for stopping by and go make one of these for your space! 

Xo, Lisa