Wednesday, January 2, 2013

GOOD-bye 2012

Pretty sure I am not alone in saying a VERY fond farewell to 2012.
It marked a very large year of Change for me and my family.

By the end of 2012, all three sons basically flew the coop.
(Promise I was not really mean, pinch them and kick them away)

Oldest son is away for a year on what I would call a spiritual journey.
He needs to find himself.  For the first time in a long time, I believe
his Dad and I are at total peace with his journey!

Youngest is off in the Navy. He left in March and is now, after all of his schooling, 
only a state away.  He has embarked on his journey in life and is happy with his decision to enlist.

Middle Son, is a full time college student and full time Starbucks supervisor.
He has "found love" and decided to go be a grown up and live on his own.

I am so proud of each of my sons, for each of them spreading their wings 
and embracing life away from the NEST.

I still have the little girl here and not ready to let go of her any time soon.
Me thinks it will be different to allow her to fly away, 
but thankfully, we have at least 6 years before that is an option.

Work has been enlightening and much of my time this year was spent studying business materials,
experimenting with my Art and finding my own direction and what I want to do with my business.

2013 holds a new direction, adventures and experiences.

To honor this, I start of with a HUGE studio sale, Saturday the 5th.
LOTS of cool things I have used as props and displays for show.
All ready to just use in your space at a shop, for traveling shows and for your own home.
Regular yard sale stuff too, like half of Emily's wardrobe as she just confiscated the largest
"kid" bedroom and decided to eliminate a lot of treasures.

Same day, Saturday, January 5th, I will be setting up a table at Studio Crescendo
from 7-10 pm for their Monthly Santa Ana Arts Colony Walk.
Super excited to do this and a perfect way to start the New Year!

Then in 3 weeks, (ugh, looming deadline)
I will be selling at The California Gift show in The Vintage Section
at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Also coming up this year will be some classes I will be teaching
and I am going to embark on a life long dream of trying to pen/illustrate
a children's book.

Needless to say, 2013 is starting with a BANG,
and I am READY!!!

Happy New Year friends!!!

May you not only find your Dreams, but realize them as well!!!