Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fairy Surprise

Today I awoke and to my delight a Little Pink Fairy had set up
house in one of my garden pots...

Her yellow Mushroom shaped cottage,
so bright and sweet.

A garden bench to rest her feet.

An arbor gate to welcome friends.

As they meander down the stone path to her front door.

Ooh, there she is graciously welcoming me.

Divine tiny flowers...and a pot ready to be filled.

Wheelbarrow and spade waiting to be used.

A tiny brick chimney too!

Would love to see inside her cottage.
Maybe she will have us to tea one day.

A freshly painted picket fence.

Too keep her sweet bunny safe.

And my favorite thing...a home for the bees.

What a wondrous thing to find this lovely Spring Day.

Look closely in your Garden,
you might find a fairy too!