Saturday, July 25, 2009

Striking the Set

As my best Gal Pal puts it..."Lisa is striking the set".
Thinking everyone knew this term, apparently I am wrong.
For those not in the "know", it is a Theatrical term referring to the disassembling of the stage set, backdrop, props, etc. I find it hilarious that Kathy has pinned this term on me, but she is horribly accurate, I am afraid. The running joke with my many of my friends is that if they like something in my home that I have created or whatnot that I swear I am never parting with...eventually I do. They say, "well, just wait a year or two and then we can buy it off of you when you are tired of it." For almost everything I make or buy is eventually re-sold. Sometimes I think it is a sickness, but typically it is a symptom that something is awry in "Lisa-Land". Discontentment with my work, my weight, my relationships, etc. One could label it "Wanderlust" from someone who is too tied down with life's responsibilities to act upon it the desire to travel and explore, so the scenes are changed, new props are made and I feel fresh and revived, like I just took a vacation. Crazy...yes I am!!!!

Scenes from the Asian Boudoir...all for sale now at Treasures & Junk or on Ebay!
(well, the dog is not for sale, she likes to bury herself in my pillows)

The shrine wall...

Killer Red dresser...

My prized shelf dress form...she stays, the contents GO!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dollie Heads

Not sure what it is about Doll heads. Tiny ones, big ones, mannequins and the like. I love them all.

These sweet little dollies were all once loved by a little girl SOOOO much that their bodies wore out. Kind of like us people do. Their little faces have a time worn patina as well, uh-er, AGE...just like us.

Time these little lovelies were resurrected to a new life....

A little more embellishing and they will be done, but I love them all grouped together right next to my desk...watching me work.

This lovely has a hand stitched Hot Pink top Hat and new Hair...

Love, love, LOVE them!