Saturday, October 15, 2011

Glitterfest Fall!

Today was my 5th Glitterfest.  Kept thinking it was my 6th, but I was wrong.
It was yet another amazing show surrounded by wonderful People
Run by Sheryl and Diane, sisters extraordinaire.
Walking around the room before the show started, taking photos, 
then talking to everyone throughout the day,
it made me reflect to my first Glitterfest when I only knew ONE person, Robin Dudley Howes...
and only as my soldering teacher.
I spent several years as a painter/muralist,  had always dabbled in jewelry making and then 
entered into the very fun Mixed Media world, altering vintage dolls or running with whatever wacky idea entered my head.

I was honestly scared to death my first Glitterfest.
I looked through the roster of artists online and thought...
"Do I really belong here?"

Was anyone going to like my work?
Or me for that matter?
Because hard as we try, as artists
our work is very much WHO we are
as it emanates from our souls. 
Each of us breathing our spirits into our creations.

Since that first show, I have done dozens of shows all over Southern California 
and a few out of state and up north.

It is so rewarding to see the people who I have gotten to know on this journey.
Fellow artists, friends.

It all starts with being true to who we are.
Taking that first step...then leap of faith toward
putting ourselves out there.

Reminding myself to not ever be afraid because what you gain far outweighs what you fear.

Go on...sign up for that class, take that trip, make that art, sing that song, dance that dance.
You never know where it will take you or what wonderful people you will meet along the way.

a link to:

Thank you Sheryl and Diane for Glitterfest!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Blogger Necklace!!!

Happy to report, my Glitterfest Mojo is ON and am creating up to the very last minute.

Bought a handful of vintage trick toy cameras some time back because I thought they were cute.

Adding a vintage doll eyeball (of course).

first I thought of writing "say Cheese"  somewhere on it...
naw that was tooooo "CHEEZY".
 <Big GRIN>

So then I though "Blogger Necklace",
deciding to add the Key and clock made me think.
Blogging takes time and the key to good blogging is typically good photos.

Pay attention more.
Take more pictures.
Record Life.
LIVE that life you are recording.

But it also goes with my mood of late.
A sense of dissatisfaction.
Daydreaming and Wanderlust are my sisters and have lived with me as long as I can remember.
27 years of mothering 4 children, the sisters took a back seat...well honestly, 
they moved to the back of Life's train to the caboose.

As I age and my children age and leave one by one...
the sisters are moving closer to the front of my Life Train.
Goading me to finally fully embrace them.

I'm ready to sell it all,
the 4 bedroom house, no more big yard to upkeep,
the Car...all of the STUFF...
Move to a fun, artsy old town.
Ride a bike or a vespa.
Live in a loft above a store that
could perhaps become my working studio...
or a tiny cottage, not more than 1,000 square feet.
Just enough room.

Getting closer to that dream.
WAKE up Lisa and get back to Glitterfest Treasures!!!

Hope to see you tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Oh boy...Glitterfest in 3 2 more days to work.

It has been a bit different for me lately prepping for this show.
If you know me, gotta be honest.
Life the past several months have presented challenges that have, well....
CHALLENGED me to say the least.

Many of these have made me question Life, it's meaning, it's direction and my true purpose in all of it.
Creativity thrives in two environments...
 abject JOY
abject PAIN.

Kinda neither right now...just floating in limbo.
So, I CLEAN house.  Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and literally.

In honor of where I am at in this point of my life journey....Cleaning is what I am doing.


So, tonight I am creating the cutest little Soldering packages.
SUPER fun stuff grouped together in little baggies.
Many have the glass already, you just provide your own copper foil and solder.

You can make things like this...
or this...

With these kits.
Come see me at Glitterfest.
Some Bling Babies will be in the house, Gumball Machine Babies,
Bling Baby necklaces...
The cutest MerBabies you have ever seen...

Lots of doll art as usual.
Babies waiting to be finished tomorrow...

And Treasures for you to take home and create with yourself!!!

See you in a few days!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bling Baby Class

Started making Bling Babies, one of my signature Art/Display pieces almost 3 years ago.
have taught 2 classes of them and it is time to teach another.

Come join me here in "The Hole"
(one of my home Studios)
On November 5th from 10-3 and you can make your very own Bling Baby.

What you need:
a Vintage doll, preferably composition or hard plastic
(NO porcelain unless it is cleared with me)
a vintage lamp or birdcage.
BLING...whatever you want to decorate your bodice with.
a Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Wire cutters

I will provide the rest of the supplies,
You will be served lunch and snacks and we will have a BLAST!!!

You will learn all of my tricks in composing these lovelies.
Not to mention power tools, you girls will learn to use a few of these,
but don't be scared, it really isn't a big deal!!!

Class is $95.00
Email me
or call me (909) 921-2976
for more details or to sign up.


Monday, October 3, 2011

It's my Baby's Birthday

Time Flies, doesn't it?
Today my Emily is 11 years old.


She was one of those surprise pregnancies.

Her Dad looked at me and said, "gosh I feel almost selfish, you have half raised three sons and now I am asking you to start over."  Like there was any question about it, I WAS starting over with a new baby, a new husband and my sons were 15, 10 and 8 years old when she was born.

My oldest son Brandon holding her as an infant.

And am I SOOO Happy I did.

Her dad and I had been friends for over a year before we became romantically involved.
He had never been married and had no children of his own.  All he ever said was that he had hoped to meet a nice girl and have a daughter.
Since he died when she was 3, I am thankful that I was able to give that much to him even though it ended way too soon.

This pic with her Daddy is when she was 1 and my youngest son Dylan was 9.

Emily is a pistol and a Joy all wrapped into one.
We use to set up little photo shoots of her.  
This is our backyard.

She is super smart and super talented and very articulate.
It is interesting to see parents genes unfold in their children.
She Loves to read, sings nonstop (like her Momma), loves animals,
(especially horses, like her Daddy).

We all hear the saying that sons leave, but daughters are forever.
I HOPE so, because I am not ready for her to grow up and leave!


She is my buddy and I LOVE her more than words can express.

And I thank her Dad for her as much as he use to thank me for her.

Hold them close, for it flies by so fast.

Happy Birthday Dear Daughter!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Last Saturday at O'Dark-thirty, the Man and I headed out to Petaluma, North of San Francisco
for ART-IS You.  I sold at a trunk show that evening.

We drove right back Sunday afternoon.  That's about 15 hours of driving in about 40 hours of time.
All though it seemed like we crammed 4 days into was really FUN!!!

The show was good, we had a lovely lunch on Sat with my good friend Julie Nutting and her hubby.
Petaluma is CHARMING....OLD victorian homes and yummy eats.
Sunday morning was an Antique Street Faire and then we ate breakfast at one of the local hotspots.
Found a wonderful Church Rummage sale, where we spent two hours and ran into
a lady we had met at the show the night before.

Fabulous time...Took a bunch of pics of Petaluma...Enjoy!

WONDERFUL Alter of the Episcopal church.  Carved wood panels.
The stained glass window above the alter is the same window that is pictured a couple above
from the outside.
Such a charming and quaint church.

There were three stained glass windows at the back of the church.
So pretty.

Driving up the 5 fwy through central California is evident to why we are called
"The Golden State"
No rain = golden hills.
It is pretty.

I liked the contrast with the gray-blue skies.

When is our next Road Trip???
I am ready!