Saturday, October 15, 2011

Glitterfest Fall!

Today was my 5th Glitterfest.  Kept thinking it was my 6th, but I was wrong.
It was yet another amazing show surrounded by wonderful People
Run by Sheryl and Diane, sisters extraordinaire.
Walking around the room before the show started, taking photos, 
then talking to everyone throughout the day,
it made me reflect to my first Glitterfest when I only knew ONE person, Robin Dudley Howes...
and only as my soldering teacher.
I spent several years as a painter/muralist,  had always dabbled in jewelry making and then 
entered into the very fun Mixed Media world, altering vintage dolls or running with whatever wacky idea entered my head.

I was honestly scared to death my first Glitterfest.
I looked through the roster of artists online and thought...
"Do I really belong here?"

Was anyone going to like my work?
Or me for that matter?
Because hard as we try, as artists
our work is very much WHO we are
as it emanates from our souls. 
Each of us breathing our spirits into our creations.

Since that first show, I have done dozens of shows all over Southern California 
and a few out of state and up north.

It is so rewarding to see the people who I have gotten to know on this journey.
Fellow artists, friends.

It all starts with being true to who we are.
Taking that first step...then leap of faith toward
putting ourselves out there.

Reminding myself to not ever be afraid because what you gain far outweighs what you fear.

Go on...sign up for that class, take that trip, make that art, sing that song, dance that dance.
You never know where it will take you or what wonderful people you will meet along the way.

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Thank you Sheryl and Diane for Glitterfest!


  1. So good to see you again Lisa. Hope the show was a smashing success. And so nice to meet your mum! See you soon! XO

  2. Oh Lisa, I was so moved by your post, I remember meeting you that day at GF.I felt the same way. Unlike you though, I've been so "out of the loop" sadly even missed some GFs. But I'll be there this Spring! Anyhow with new jobs and family stuff and so little art time I've been a bit lost...and today I came online determined to write at least a small post on my own little blog to try and "come back." It's just so hard to start after being gone so long. But for some reason I thought I'd just check-in with a few friends before jumping in and here you were to inspire me...thank you sweet friend, wish me luck. With love, Bridgette :)