Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Urban Barn this weekend...

Join myself and 20 other vendors at The Urban Barn in Escondido
For their Street Faire.
Friday and Saturday.

Not only will I be bringing the standard Bling...

There will be LOTS of super cool Vintage Finds that will be for sale...
Art Nouveau Busts

A very beautiful Holy Family Shrine I created...

Vintage wooden jewelry boxes with hand painted roses...
Art Nouveau trays...display mirrors...

The YUMMIEST Tattered Vintage Flying Cherub...He is to Die for cool!!!

Industrial Jules Verne coolness...New but great display head and hands...

Working out of the home, while it is a blessing, dedicated space is always an issue.
The Tiny cottage gets HOT in the summer.

So many of my own prized pieces are coming to the sale so I can temporarily transform my living room into a space to design and sew my Vintage Altered Couture,
MORE Painted Cowboy Boots,
Painted tooled Belts...

oh and wait until I unveil the my latest leather work Next Month
at the July Urban Barn Blog Party Gala Grand Opening Party.

Not like anything you have seen before....


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chateau de much FUN!!!!

Emily and I had a wonderful time at The Chateau de fleurs sale.
It is my favorite show.
Christie and Rita put on a wonderful event and are like family.  
All of the ladies there are.
 It is a comfy event with beautiful merchandise.
You can even eat lunch here!!

Lots of my wonderful customers and friends came by to shop and say hello.
Thank you all for a beautiful weekend.  I can't wait until the September show!
Here are some pics of the wonderful vendors booths!

Trisha of Vintage Bliss...
Tricia has the coolest stuff every time I see her, and something of hers always comes home with me.

The hostes with Mostess, Rita Reade.
Rita is a wonderful Friend. She always opens her home for Emily and I to stay when we are out that way. Her husband Dean cooks for all of us ladies so we never have to worry about leaving the show to procure lunch.  This fact in itself makes this show even more enjoyable.
Rita and Dean's Handsome sons deliver our food and beverages.

Dyanna Cooley and her lovelies.

Debbie sells at the Urban Barn
She has beautiful stuff!!!
(she is getting a blog soon...I hope)

My beautiful friend Sandra Lee is like a ray of sunshine!
I adore this woman! Her garden creations are full of Whimsy and we are both
bird crazy!

Sara and Abby, Mother and daughter duo of Sweet Magnolia Farm

Always have a beautiful space and blended it with Sheila of Tattered Goods.
Great blend ladies.

As a painter, the big bin of brushes caught my eye!

Shirley makes the most beautiful clothes out of vintage linens.  Her booth is like a dream.
When you see her, she makes you feel warm and fuzzy and I agree with Trisha, you have never seen Ice blue eyes like hers.

This Vintage Pink Mixer with the matching bowl was so cute!!!
Erin, Eloise and Evon have the greatest stuff and the best prices!!!
  I was out taking pictures of their booth at the wrong time though...LOVE the "Junk Fairy" name!!!

I didnt get as many pictures as I wanted or should have.
You have to come to the next event!!!

Lastly and by no means least...
Christie, don't get mad at me. (I only posted one pic!!!)
This is Christie Repasy. (she asked me to not post it)
I wanted a pic of the jacket so I could make myself one!
We all wanted to steal this little cover up off of her back yesterday...

Without Christie, this event wouldn't be. 
She doesn't get flustered, is always calm and is a joy to be around.

As a painter, for so many years I always admired her work and wondered what she was like.
She is every bit as beautiful a person as her paintings are.

Thanks to Christie, Rita, Dean and all of you beautiful ladies at the show, for such wonderful event.
Your work and spirits inspire me.  Emily loved it too and we look forward to September!

Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all you Hubbies and Dads out there!!!!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chateau here we come!

This weekend, Emily and I are heading to the Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace in Fallbrook.
It is work, but it is also a few days spent with some of my closest friends who I adore.
Been busy making new jewelry as my May shows nearly wiped out my stock.

I spread earything on my dining table so I can do counts, see if I have "hole's" wih a color or a texture.

I like to always offer something new and like to have variety.

I have made my enamel flower bracelets for about 5 years.  I seriously can't get enough
of or "out of" enamel flowers.  They are my Favorite thing!
A client recently called them "A party on your wrist".

Did some fun new things this week, cupcake rings, bird nest rings.
Did I take a photo of them??? NO.
But I am loving my red/pink coral combos.

I can never get enough Pink and aqua either.  Always popular with my customers.

I always offer simpler pieces for the ladies who are not into color, here are a few simple bracelts
adorned with vintage rhinestones and an inspirational word.

Hope to see you this weekend in Fallbrook or next weekend at The Urban Barn in Escondido!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ahhh Familia!!!

Family...Love em?
Hate em?
We are stuck with them.

Okay, I jest.  Family is where it is at in my world.  They come before anything else. My Nana has always said "blood is thicker than water."  and she is right.
(Most Nana's are)

I stopped my insane production schedule for 24 hours to co-host a 40th Surprise party 
for my Brother David here in my home.
He is one of those rare one of a kind dudes.  
Smooshy, big hearted and crass/crude wrapped up into a big Bald Man.
(the One in the middle, like you couldn't tell)

I am 4 years older than David.  It is just us two siblings.
We have had our disagreements...still do...always will.
He no more wants to hear me sing old show tunes,
garden, be into my art or listen to my music 
any more than
I want to play Bocce, watch soccer, fly planes or listen to bands like
Napalm Death or Cattle Decapitation.

And that is OK.
(don't we all have a family member who jacks up the photo on purpose???)

David has had it hard in his lifetime.  He has cheated death, more than once.
The worst being when he was 5 years old and we were at our Nana's. He went through a sliding plate glass door, severed his femoral artery and for all intensive purposes bled to death.
By the grace of God a very special physician was in the right place at the right time and saved his life.  He went into cardiac arrest and had to be re-succitated.
It was a gruesome day and I will never forget it.

He has battled other demons, but is a good guy, loves his family and works hard.
He is taking flying lessons and is close to getting his various certifications so he can one day pursue being a commercial pilot.

It was a fun day, filled with fun, home cooked food and the people I love most.  
My Family.  About 30 of us.

Despite our differences, I Love my Little Brother and will always stop my work
so I can spend time with those who love me most too.

Happy Sunday my Wonderful Blog Friends!!!

Always take time for Family and realize, they love us for who we are...
so should we in return accept them for who they are.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fresh New "Bling"

One More week until The Chateau de Fleurs sale in Fallbrook and my studio is a creative disaster.

Just keep trudging onward and...

But, my trays are filling up with Fresh Bling, ready to be served...

Some really exciting new designs...

waiting to be assembled...

I am playing with some new color combos...

Believe it or not, I DO know where everything is!!!

YIKES...see, this is what "CrAzY" looks like!

 Hope to see you all next Friday or Saturday in Fallbrook!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Being Switzerland...

I have long admired Switzerland for their ability to maintain neutrality in an industrialized world that constantly commands we take sides. 
Whether those sides are religious,  political, over oil or economic in nature.  

Did you know Switzerland has not participated in an international battle since 1815?
They have the strongest government body in the history of the world,
a high GDP and very low unemployment...
and also a high literacy rate.

In the past year I have happily participated in several of art/craft/vintage shows.
Making friends, gathering loyal customers and participating in a community of 
Women Artists who should love and support each other.

Instead I have too often found pettiness and resentments.

I will not take sides.

  I am Switzerland.  

Men just duke it out, slap each other on the ass and say, "Good Game."
Having three sons, I know this first hand.

So I have decided to form the 

"See no Evil, Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil Campaign"

Aptly shortened into the "SHE Campaign" 

Did you know that "See no evil, Speak no evil and hear no evil"
started in Japan?
The philosophy probably originally came to Japan with a Tendai-Buddhist legend, from China in the 8th century (Nara Period). In Chinese, a similar phrase exists in the Analects of Confucius
"Look not at what is contrary to propriety; 
listen not to what is contrary to propriety; 
speak not what is contrary to propriety; 
make no movement which is contrary to propriety"

Isn't it about Artistic Community?
We are all trying to make a living doing what we love in what are rather stressful economic times.
About lifting our Sisters up?

They did it for Suffrage.  What happened?

My campaign seeks to build artistic community through mutual support, blogging, referring business, sharing information about shows,  non competition and not copying other artists ideas.

I Choose to "BE Switzerland and if you choose to do so also...
join "SHE" today.

If you want to join, leave me a post and feel free to copy my sidebar pic and post it to your own blog, forward it to your friends.  It is time Women support Women and lay down the baggage they carry.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun with Friends!

Yesterday I met my friend Christie Repasy in Redlands at the home of friends,
Lori & Jamie Martin.  Lori is a lifelong antiques dealer who has passed the passion for Vintage onto her daughter Jamie.  Lori has a space in Old Glory Antiques in Redlands and Jamie co-owns a shop named Shabby Chateau in Crestline.  Both gals were at Glitterfest across from me and next to Christie.

Driving through the amazing Victorian, Crafstman, Bungalow and Spanish style house lined streets of Old Redlands is worth the trip alone.  Amazing homes!

This is the Martin's Home.  It sits way back from the street.

The carved details and architectural elements we were drooling over!

The drivway and detached garage was full of antiques for us to shop from.

We even made our way into the attic...up, up, up the old wood stairs we go.

Watch out for ghosts!

Here they are...not the Ghosts...LOL!
I found the girls digging through old petticoats and linens...

Lori has Dreamy stuff EVERYWHERE!

Just Loved the Raspberry color in the dining room.

The kitchen is wide open, Dreamy pale pink with Architectural elements everywhere.  The table in the middle is sold and Lori is installing a vintage store counter as the center Island.  She is also planning on doing the floor in black and white to compliment the Candy Store Theme!

Big antique Bunny Candy Molds, art from Debbie Thibeault and Christie Repasy.

She said, please make sure you say, my home is still a work in progress.
Please, Christie and I were just in Vintage Heaven!

Christie's Booty she scored...all very pretty and oh so "Christie"

On it's way back to her studio to prepare for Chateau de Fleurs on June 18th/19th.

Okay, so why does my pile look like a pile of "poo" compared to Christie's????

Box of baubles...YUM!  Old Lamp parts, Victorian Black be recovered.
A victorian lace dress in perfect condition and Cupcake go with my new
line of Confection themed Jewels!!!

Seriously, it will look better when I am done with it all.

We spent all day Antiquing...More on that tomorrow!

A beautiful day spent with Three Beautiful friends, "Junktiqueing" together.
Does it get much better than that?

Happy Sunday everyone!