Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chateau de much FUN!!!!

Emily and I had a wonderful time at The Chateau de fleurs sale.
It is my favorite show.
Christie and Rita put on a wonderful event and are like family.  
All of the ladies there are.
 It is a comfy event with beautiful merchandise.
You can even eat lunch here!!

Lots of my wonderful customers and friends came by to shop and say hello.
Thank you all for a beautiful weekend.  I can't wait until the September show!
Here are some pics of the wonderful vendors booths!

Trisha of Vintage Bliss...
Tricia has the coolest stuff every time I see her, and something of hers always comes home with me.

The hostes with Mostess, Rita Reade.
Rita is a wonderful Friend. She always opens her home for Emily and I to stay when we are out that way. Her husband Dean cooks for all of us ladies so we never have to worry about leaving the show to procure lunch.  This fact in itself makes this show even more enjoyable.
Rita and Dean's Handsome sons deliver our food and beverages.

Dyanna Cooley and her lovelies.

Debbie sells at the Urban Barn
She has beautiful stuff!!!
(she is getting a blog soon...I hope)

My beautiful friend Sandra Lee is like a ray of sunshine!
I adore this woman! Her garden creations are full of Whimsy and we are both
bird crazy!

Sara and Abby, Mother and daughter duo of Sweet Magnolia Farm

Always have a beautiful space and blended it with Sheila of Tattered Goods.
Great blend ladies.

As a painter, the big bin of brushes caught my eye!

Shirley makes the most beautiful clothes out of vintage linens.  Her booth is like a dream.
When you see her, she makes you feel warm and fuzzy and I agree with Trisha, you have never seen Ice blue eyes like hers.

This Vintage Pink Mixer with the matching bowl was so cute!!!
Erin, Eloise and Evon have the greatest stuff and the best prices!!!
  I was out taking pictures of their booth at the wrong time though...LOVE the "Junk Fairy" name!!!

I didnt get as many pictures as I wanted or should have.
You have to come to the next event!!!

Lastly and by no means least...
Christie, don't get mad at me. (I only posted one pic!!!)
This is Christie Repasy. (she asked me to not post it)
I wanted a pic of the jacket so I could make myself one!
We all wanted to steal this little cover up off of her back yesterday...

Without Christie, this event wouldn't be. 
She doesn't get flustered, is always calm and is a joy to be around.

As a painter, for so many years I always admired her work and wondered what she was like.
She is every bit as beautiful a person as her paintings are.

Thanks to Christie, Rita, Dean and all of you beautiful ladies at the show, for such wonderful event.
Your work and spirits inspire me.  Emily loved it too and we look forward to September!

Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all you Hubbies and Dads out there!!!!



  1. Great pics, Lisa...looks like it was an amazing event. How I wish I could have been there! Looking forward to seeing you soon! xoxoxo

  2. Yes, Claire...missed seeing you too, but see from you FB. You have been rather busy.


  3. hey doll
    wowzers what a great day.
    i love everything.
    hope all is well

  4. It was sooo Much FUN!! loved ur tent . Cant wait to get my Bling this weekend.