Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fresh New "Bling"

One More week until The Chateau de Fleurs sale in Fallbrook and my studio is a creative disaster.

Just keep trudging onward and...

But, my trays are filling up with Fresh Bling, ready to be served...

Some really exciting new designs...

waiting to be assembled...

I am playing with some new color combos...

Believe it or not, I DO know where everything is!!!

YIKES...see, this is what "CrAzY" looks like!

 Hope to see you all next Friday or Saturday in Fallbrook!



  1. Can I come to the party? Love everything on your table. If we are having the soldering/torch slumber party please bring all those goodies. Ciao Principessa! da Rita

  2. Cute i wanna come craft. Cant wait to see all your goodies at the show :) you guys can have a slumber party here my mom said :)