Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ahhh Familia!!!

Family...Love em?
Hate em?
We are stuck with them.

Okay, I jest.  Family is where it is at in my world.  They come before anything else. My Nana has always said "blood is thicker than water."  and she is right.
(Most Nana's are)

I stopped my insane production schedule for 24 hours to co-host a 40th Surprise party 
for my Brother David here in my home.
He is one of those rare one of a kind dudes.  
Smooshy, big hearted and crass/crude wrapped up into a big Bald Man.
(the One in the middle, like you couldn't tell)

I am 4 years older than David.  It is just us two siblings.
We have had our disagreements...still do...always will.
He no more wants to hear me sing old show tunes,
garden, be into my art or listen to my music 
any more than
I want to play Bocce, watch soccer, fly planes or listen to bands like
Napalm Death or Cattle Decapitation.

And that is OK.
(don't we all have a family member who jacks up the photo on purpose???)

David has had it hard in his lifetime.  He has cheated death, more than once.
The worst being when he was 5 years old and we were at our Nana's. He went through a sliding plate glass door, severed his femoral artery and for all intensive purposes bled to death.
By the grace of God a very special physician was in the right place at the right time and saved his life.  He went into cardiac arrest and had to be re-succitated.
It was a gruesome day and I will never forget it.

He has battled other demons, but is a good guy, loves his family and works hard.
He is taking flying lessons and is close to getting his various certifications so he can one day pursue being a commercial pilot.

It was a fun day, filled with fun, home cooked food and the people I love most.  
My Family.  About 30 of us.

Despite our differences, I Love my Little Brother and will always stop my work
so I can spend time with those who love me most too.

Happy Sunday my Wonderful Blog Friends!!!

Always take time for Family and realize, they love us for who we are...
so should we in return accept them for who they are.



  1. Happy Sunday to you!! Thanks for sharing the family love. I like crass and crude, so your bro is my kind of guy!! But I'd be happy to sing some showtunes with you......

  2. Your photo's are beautiful and you're a great big sister! Makes me want to reach out to my own (crass) brother. Thanks for reminding me to count my own blessings. XO

  3. Thank You for sharing your wonderful family with us & your photos are heartfelt mix with big hugs ~ Blessing alway;s to you daily <3 Much Love Andrea

  4. Wonderful post, Lisa. If your brother has a heart as big and beautiful as yours, then I know he must be one very special guy! Love all the family pics...what a good looking clan!!
    P.S. I love show tunes, so please feel free to sing them around me!