Art has been a lifelong love affair for me. 
My first creations were made by 10 years old and sold to the kids at school.  I  dabbled creatively through my teens, but it wasn’t until in my 20’s I seriously took up painting and sculpting.  It started with a line of painted pots, step stools and sculpted jewelry that I sold to about a dozen stores.  This led me into painting furniture for several local Antique stores. When I took the leap of faith to paint murals, was when it all began to really resonate with me.  My portfolio includes painting concrete floors, walls, ceilings, sheds, stucco,  electric guitars, bongo drums, leather jackets, glass, on and on. Commercial as well as residential clients.  I appreciate the challenge of trying different mediums and surfaces to paint on. 
I painted murals professionally for 15 years.
After my 2nd husband died rather suddenly in 2003, I realized how burnt out I was doing murals. I rented a space at an Antique store, sold at a few Flea Markets and started to experiment again artistically. 
As the economy began it's slide, I transitioned into even more into my roots of jewelry making and mixed media art.

As a self taught artist, there is not one medium that I really LOVE over another.  I enjoy allowing myself to be fluid, moving between the mediums, mixing them and always experimenting. Always pushing myself to learn something new.

As an ardent Daydreamer, it is my goal to create art that evokes memories of childhood.
Pieces that make you smile, your heart sing
and spirit soar.

In staying as Green a company as possible, much of my work incorporates a large percentage of vintage items, that to the average eye has lost it’s use or value. 
I am NUTZ about Vintage items, flea Markets, antique stores, thrift stores
and the thrill of the hunt.

Beauty is all around us,
your heart just has to be open to see it.

Don't be afraid to follow your Dreams!