Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine Halloween Challenge

I am a participating artist in a wonderful Juried Art show called All Hallows Art Fest.
to be held in Petaluma, CA on September 23rd. It's a wonderful juried show with some of the most amazing artists who tend to specialize in Halloween.

Several of us artists participated in a Valentine Challenge using Relics and Artifacts pieces by Sandra Everston.   I've never worked with Sandra's pieces and was thrilled to receive my package.  They accept paint, clay and glue amazingly well.  I LOVE them and hope to use them more.

Now to get to the designing. It just had to nod to Halloween with Valentine in my style. We could do whatever we wanted to embellish our pieces.  I opted for polymer clay and paper clay mostly. Paint and some vintage do-dads.

What fun I had!!!

A Nod to my Monsters I like to Create....

How much more appropriate is a Memento Mori, for those we still love that are no longer with us?

I like spiders, (ok, i'm weird).  They are inspiring. I've been making eyeball spiders for years. Spiders weave the most amazing webs and keep our bug population in check. So, yea...they "inspider" me.

I LOVE Halloween.  So, yes...he had me at Halloween.

Well, yes....a Zombie Valentine.

Here are my Dark Valentines as a collection.  They will be uploaded to my etsy shop later.
I will post on my Instagram when they are available for purchase.

This was one of the most fun challenges I have ever participated in.

Hope to see you at All Hallows Art Fest in September. Its a GHOULISHLY good time!!!

Happy Valentines Day!

xo, Lisa


  1. These are wonderful - I especially love the spider one!!! I will be checking your Etsy shop - Donna Wilson

  2. Your heart-y Halloween creations are fabulous. I'm hoping to make the treck up to Petaluma this Fall.

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