Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy New Year

Once a year I take one month off of Facebook. Typically December so I can decompress and evaluate the year. I didn't get to take December off, so took much of January off. I needed it. So this is what I did the first two weeks of January. LOTS of patching my one million nail holes in the walls all over my house. Our entire house is this color, except one room, so, lots of freshening up of paint. It feels so great!!!

If you have followed me for very long. You know that I LOVE to change things up and every December, I go over my sales and work over the past year, see where I want or need to make changes, and do so accordingly. Last year, I didn't do many shows, taught a bit, took some business classes and dug deep as to what I wanted my home life to be like and my art work to be.

A few years back, my studio became my living room. So, I could host classes here and teach in a large well lit space.  But in November of last year, while doing my end of year reflecting,  I decided to give my studio area back to my family. A place we could spread out and entertain. Moving my stuff into the smaller family room was going to be a task. But most of the supplies got crammed into my spare bedroom, which I now call the stockroom.

On top of this, I opened my ebay store up again, Emily is running our Depop shop, to downsize  supplies, our wardrobe and whatever else we find in our thrifting or adventures.

So, the spare room was a HOT mess.  My studio was not much better. Being in my family room, it is right next to the kitchen. It is a pass through room. My furniture was a hodge podge of pieces I have had forever. From my grandmother,  a grandfather, my late husband and a few craigslist finds.  I had to find a way to make the space, functional, cohesive and attractive. are some before pictures.

The green wall behind my desk with the huge family tree on it, I painted 11 years ago. As much as I loved it, the olive green sucked the light out of room.  Due to the vaulted ceiling, lighting this room isn't easy. So, I apologized to my kids and painted over it.

A dear friend, gifted me two wonderful solid wood cubicle pieces, they were in my stock room, but needed to come out to my main studio area.  After selling both Drafting tables, moving my little Ikea desk with aqua legs out to my studio, the cubicle shelves and a little trip to Ikea, I am SOOOOO happy with the result. I have drawers and the blue boxes match my rolling blue paint carts. I repainted my file cabinet that was my late husbands, he also made me the bulletin board.  The small rolling black piece with drawers belonged to one of my Grandfathers, also got a repaint. The cool Old  rolling desk chair was my Grandmothers.   Quite the change, don't you think?  Everything is labeled and I know were every single item is.

Next post I'll show you my stock room organization. I can't function in clutter and disorganization.It feels good to start the new year off Fresh.

One of the best parts of this???  Cost me NOTHING, but my work. (actually, I am ahead) Selling my drafting tables and some vintage stuff and display goodies covered the cost of the new desk with drawers, lights

How about you?


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