Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas & New Year Blessings

As 2011 closes and 2012 enters, I reflect on the multitude of events that have happened
my family's lives this past year.

It was a tough year.  We rode the wave of Chemical Dependency with one of my children.
It was NOT easy or pleasant, but has taught us a lot.
I watched a good friend bury the last of his brothers, WAY too young, I might add.
Watched a cousin bury her father and have her sister diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time.
And most recently a very good friend who was like a Mother to my late husband
recently passed from Pulmonary Fibrosis at 61.
There have been other relationship bumps in the road as well.
Struggles with Ex spouses.
School study issues.


Plus all the normal house nonsense that comes when you least expect it or need it...
clogged pipes, downed trees, etc.

On a professional level, I sold at 11 shows this year.
Shows are A LOT of work and you know what?

I am tired.

So, my family, my Man and I have sat and talked, made some decisions and are
ready to make some big changes to our lives, so that less of it is spent
working, worrying, traveling to shows, spending time away from each other.

It is time to restructure business.
Spend more time with those I LOVE.
Start pursuing the dreams I have let fall behind
 in the pursuit of trying to just make a living.

Because in the end.
Love is all you need and all you are left with.
It is not about the "Stuff" it is about the "Who's".

You get what you give in this life.

Through it all, my Man has been right there beside me,
steadfast and true, holding me through the tears, 
standing up to or for whatever battle needed to be addressed
 and I Love him even more for it.

I Hope each of you had a Lovely Christmas and have a Safe and Happy New Year
from me, my daughter Emily and the rest of our Family.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bling Babies in New Jersey

I have been invited to go to New Jersey and teach a Bling Baby Class at Lemoncholy's Studio.
Home of none other than the talented Kecia Deveney.

Class is Feb 11th, yep this California girl is headed to New Jersey in the dead of Winter.
Well, I am up for most adventures and can't wait!!!!

Kecia stipulated that the only requirement is that I bring some California SuNsHiNe with me...
So, I am hatching a plan.

Class is Saturday February 11th, 2012 from 11-4.
Cost is $135.

Email me for more info.
Payable through paypal and non-refundable.

Promised to be a fun filled day and you will learn
some really clever assemblage secrets.

Hop on over to Kecia's blog for info as well...


Monday, November 28, 2011

One Girl's Junk...

Hope you are all unstuffed from Thanksgiving and ready to rock and roll 
towards Christmas!

It was a very hectic week here, having my mom's 65th B-day party and Thanksgiving
both within 4 days of each other.  No wonder I spent 5 hours scrubbing my kitchen and floors over the weekend.

Being right on the edge of a bah-humbug sort of girl
(I dread the month of Decemeber)...
I always have to find some way to make it exciting for myself and mix it up.

For years, while married I did the traditional Christmas trees.
Neither my ex or my late husbands would dream of having anything other than a REAL tree.
So, for the past 8 years, I have had anything BUT a conventional tree.

This year is no different and I believe it is my favorite ever!

Having an abundance of JUNK-tiques, my brain hatched a plan...
Glass parts, metal parts, old wheels, stars, fan blades, 8mm film reels....
Are ya Feelin' it? you go.  My ode to Black Friday thru Cyber Monday.
My Very own, original Christmas of Junk...

This is my crystal forest complete with a Snowman and Snowfairy!

Pictures are deceiving, these sculptures are 8 - 20 inches tall.
Snow Fairy is complete with soldered crystal wings as is the snowflake
that tops one tree.

My official 2011 Christmas Tree...thank goodness, my kids are receptive to my crazy ideas!

Why, yes, you are seeing correctly, it is a towering Christmas tree of Junk!

May you all find joy in this very hectic time of year
and try to not put too much pressure on yourself.

It is OK to say no to the hustle and bustle!

Tomorrow I will post about my upcoming Teaching adventure in New Jersey if February!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Soldering fun!

This past Saturday Rita Reade and I hosted a Soldered Bling Baby Bottle and Crown Class.

We had so much fun!

Here are some pics of our day and "The Rabbit Hole"

Maggie, Kim, Terry and Missy all did amazing jobs.
For it being Missy's first time soldering, this was not an easy class and she did fantastic!

Kim Caldwell is owner of Artistic Bliss and is known for her wonderful events, cool stuff on her site and is hosting a fabulous event in  May...head on over to check it out!

Thank you ladies for a wonderful day and my Amica Rita for our always fun times!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bling Baby Class

Had such a great Bling Baby class here yesterday in "The Rabbit Hole".

Studio was ready.  Cupcakes & coffee were waiting for the ladies to arrive...

Babies in Waiting watched over us as we worked.

My Shoeelier is back and graces one corner of The Rabbit Hole

Festive and fun!

Honored to have Patti and two of her lovely daughters Erika and Jenny!

The Lovely Maggie and Debbie all the way from Thousand Oaks.

Everyone is a little disturbed to start cutting up their dolls, but get into it once they start.

Debbie brought some beautiful Bling and was so organized placing it on black velvet to view 
and select.

Here are the ladies finished Babies.
SO cute and all were just amazing.
I just LOVE the process and watching each
lady how she works and selects her pieces.
How each doll seems to reflect the personality of it's creator.

Thank you so much Patti, Maggie, Erika, Jenny, Debbie for taking my class and spending the most lovely day with me & my daughter Emily.  A shout out does go to Emily who was the perfect hostess. SUCH an old soul in an 11 year old body who and helped and served the ladies as well as made the yellow and pink baby on the left.  By the end of class she was making flowered hairpins that she gifted each lady with.

After everyone left, Emily and I sat in the rabbit hole for another 2 hours making hair clips to sell at the next Vintage Marketplace, then we sat down to watch a movie.
She chose Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.
An unique 11 year old for sure!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bathroom Re-do

For many years I have wanted to re-do my bathrooms.
I can't afford a traditional remodel, so for under $400, this is what I did.  I only am posting the master bath as the front bath was pretty much done identical sans the floor.

In the wise words of my friend Debi Beard, 
"beige is not a color"
I don't know what I was thinking when I painted my bathrooms this color.
The color of Dirt belongs OUTSIDE!
(No offense to all you Burlapy-cream folks out there)

I have always despised this tile.
beige and gray-blue...

Can you say DREARY colors?

I enjoyed ripping out the 1978 baseboards!

Removed a door that I always felt was redundant that
separated the sinks from shower toilet area.

Patching and sanding this is a Pain in the Butt!

Loving the paint, but gosh the floor really looks horrible now!

In my mural painting days, I painted stone patterns on several concrete floors 
and faux throw rugs on two tile that is IT!
Painting the tile.

Can't get oil based paint in California  anymore, so let's see what happens
with traditional acrylics

Two coats of Kilz...

Two coats of Black acrylic and a creamy white acrylic, both
by American Accents.


Polycrylic Varnish...goes on bubbly...but dries clear.

The varnish when applied thicker dried yellowish.
Was not overly thrilled with that initially, but the tone adds a bit of a vintage
appeal and as my mirror, counter and shelf over toilet have a more 
yellow/cream undertone, it works...

SO incredibly happy with the outcome!

Made the above shelf from a child's headboard.

My mermaid painting is happier on this color wall too!

One of my cherished "Bling Babies"

An old painting of my logo looks fun in here paired with my
favorite chair and teal pillow!

I am confident there will be touch-ups that will be needed here and there, but I don't
care...Just thrilled with it and if I could get rid of the dogs and kids for a solid
week, the tile in the remainder of my entire house would get this treatment.

There is no end to what a little paint can do to ANY surface!

Paint On Friends!