Monday, November 28, 2011

One Girl's Junk...

Hope you are all unstuffed from Thanksgiving and ready to rock and roll 
towards Christmas!

It was a very hectic week here, having my mom's 65th B-day party and Thanksgiving
both within 4 days of each other.  No wonder I spent 5 hours scrubbing my kitchen and floors over the weekend.

Being right on the edge of a bah-humbug sort of girl
(I dread the month of Decemeber)...
I always have to find some way to make it exciting for myself and mix it up.

For years, while married I did the traditional Christmas trees.
Neither my ex or my late husbands would dream of having anything other than a REAL tree.
So, for the past 8 years, I have had anything BUT a conventional tree.

This year is no different and I believe it is my favorite ever!

Having an abundance of JUNK-tiques, my brain hatched a plan...
Glass parts, metal parts, old wheels, stars, fan blades, 8mm film reels....
Are ya Feelin' it? you go.  My ode to Black Friday thru Cyber Monday.
My Very own, original Christmas of Junk...

This is my crystal forest complete with a Snowman and Snowfairy!

Pictures are deceiving, these sculptures are 8 - 20 inches tall.
Snow Fairy is complete with soldered crystal wings as is the snowflake
that tops one tree.

My official 2011 Christmas Tree...thank goodness, my kids are receptive to my crazy ideas!

Why, yes, you are seeing correctly, it is a towering Christmas tree of Junk!

May you all find joy in this very hectic time of year
and try to not put too much pressure on yourself.

It is OK to say no to the hustle and bustle!

Tomorrow I will post about my upcoming Teaching adventure in New Jersey if February!



  1. Very cool and Fun!! I love the Crystal trees too - you have a lot of super fun STUFF...

  2. I dread this time of year, too! Is it because our minds are bursting with ideas of what we could create if only there were 38 hours in a day?! Ugh....Love you, girl!

  3. Oh my goodness! You need to be in a museum!!! That is an awesome Christmas Tree sculpture!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, i won't be at the Vintage Marketplace this weekend (wish I was ) But the cute darling babies i work with are whipping my butt so I decided to skip this one, hoping to get into the March show.
    And as far as the bah humbugs, I have several horrible-terrible-very-bad christmas's and I believe it is best to do what works best for you. Sometimes that means just getting thru it and sometimes it means creating the most awesome sculptures and making the holiday yours!
    Big hugs to you my friend! karen.....

  4. Oh yeah, if you have a student named Marlen H. in your class, she is a hoot! Tell her I said hi! She is the sweetest person and she will love you! She adores Kecia and does artsy things with her.... karen....