Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I LOVE to CrEaTe!

Jungle Mural. Commercial Client

Close up painting of Zebra face...One of my Faves!

Indiana Jones.

Chandelier Mannequin and re-habilitated painted ladies.

Over my artistic years, I have endeavored to try many mediums. I adore mannequins and dress forms and have dozens throughout my house that I have done some pretty crazy stuff on. The pics here are those that I have made and sold. Also are some murals pictures that I have done recently as I am a muralist by trade.

Cherubs in a bathroom.

A Client's Dogs painted on the wall of their Daughter's room.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ahhh...Le Maison Rustique

A glorious Friday and Saturday at La Maison Rustique. One of my new "besties" Debi Beard of Out of Blue in Solana Beach and I both headed 1 hour 15 minutes from our homes to meet in the middle at the Barn Sale in Temecula. What Fun and what talented and wonderful ladies we met. Rita Reade or Mammabellarte.blogspot and her sweet husband Dean put us up for the night at their darling Casa. No B & B could compare to their hospitality. My altered Mary Shrine now graces their home or Rita's Studio as a thank you for Rita GIVING me the coolest ottoman that matches my living room perfectly. Que Bella Rita, Grazie!!

A few if my belt buckles and hand painted tooled leather belts. All vintage jewels are used to make these buckles and they are one of a kind!

Mine and Debi's Booth at the sale. LOVE my canopy made by our friend Pam Small!

The Queen's jewels. This necklace is a work of art by itself and one feels like a princess wearing it.

One of my displays.

Fairy kewpie is a hit as ususal!

Debi decided she was cold and needed a little Bling for her skirt, so she shimmied this cute little petticoat up and under to have the flourish of lace peeking from her skirt. It did keep her warm too!!! Love, love, love you Debi!!

A beautiful weekend with beautiful new friends. Thank you all for your warmth and grace!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Le Maison Rustique!

My most talented gal pal Debi of Out of the Blue in Solana Beach and I are honored to be heading out to the Temecula Coutryside to participate in The one and only Le Maison Rustique Barn sale...Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th. Looking forward to meeting new friends. Thanks to Linda and Rita of for inviting us! Can't wait to hang with Debi as we always are working and live 2 hours away from each other.

Here's a shot of some new pieces I just made this past week...Rings are HOT this year and seems the bigger the better!!! Big chunky necklaces, too. Fabulous warm Fall colors.

Hope to see you all there!!