Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I LOVE to CrEaTe!

Jungle Mural. Commercial Client

Close up painting of Zebra face...One of my Faves!

Indiana Jones.

Chandelier Mannequin and re-habilitated painted ladies.

Over my artistic years, I have endeavored to try many mediums. I adore mannequins and dress forms and have dozens throughout my house that I have done some pretty crazy stuff on. The pics here are those that I have made and sold. Also are some murals pictures that I have done recently as I am a muralist by trade.

Cherubs in a bathroom.

A Client's Dogs painted on the wall of their Daughter's room.


  1. I love what you do, what can't you do? I just purchased my first dress form on line. Maybe we can work on it together, I will use to pin my charm on it. Ciao

  2. Absolutely Rita, would love to work on your form with you. You must come to my home. I have forms done in sooo many ways. I just got this crazy plastic one...OLD. Took the lady over one month to ship her to me. She is going to be fun to do!
    Glad you found your red hair flower!

  3. I went to the cake decorating store with Melissa..... it was heaven on a plate! do you know hat you can buy a 20 gallon drum of frosting for only 89.95!!!!
    can't wait to get into that!