Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Life has been hectic and I have been remiss at my responsibility and commitment to blogging. I have been so busy making things to sell and attending shows that I really have not had time. Thanksgiving was Fabulous. I had 20 family members at my home and it was really lovely. Then I got sick for a couple days and got crazy with herbal remedies but am all better now. Go Oregano Oil, garlic, lemon water and Organic Juice drinks. Yes, I smelled like a mediterranean salad, but it worked and took only two days to kick it out of my system.

Since I have been AWFUL at taking pictures of the lovely shows I have been attending, thought I'd share some recent pics from my garden. It is my haven, I have to be in it everyday and I have a view of it from both of my studios...not to mention the sound of water from the fountain and pond.

Sorry for not posting more, may you enjoy my garden, forgive me and feel a sense of peace during this very hectic time of year.


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  1. I love your garden, especially today. I have been in the workshop since 6am making and making charms. Off to a lavender bubble bath! See you Saturday Ciao