Sunday, December 6, 2009

My new Baby

Last week I was feeling VERY tired, overwhelmed and a little, no A LOT burnt out.
Having spent the past 2 months doing virtually 12 shows. I am wiped.
I needed to work, but felt like running around to antique stores and thrift haunts instead. Should have been Christmas shopping or decorating my house for the said holiday, but what the heck, I still have a a few weeks, Right???? I am hardly the big Broo-ha-ha Christmas person anyway. Like the meaning, could skip the commercialism.
At one of my FAVORITE haunts, I spied the piece of studio furniture that dreams are made of. Yes, I have DREAMED about a piece of furniture like this. An Antique Store counter with lots of drawers with built in sorters, a nice work area on top...OMG!!!

It had a SOLD sign on it. WAH!!!! I almost cried. How could I have missed a piece like this????

I know you all can relate. You see the most amazing item in an Antique Store with a sold or layaway sign on it. Or you are at the Flea Market and you see some infidel walking away with YOUR treasure. I KNOW you know what I mean!

As I have sold at this particular antique store, know all of the dealers and owners very well, I asked, "who bought this and How MUCH?"
I never found out how much, but did find out that mother/daughter dealer friends of mine bought it. Wahoo! I thought to myself. Might have a chance at getting it after all, as I was sure they were heading to Orange County to sell it at their shop there.

On the phone I hop to see if I can still nab this wonderful piece of the past.

I am in luck. They will sell it to me. I can put it on layaway for two months AND I get to take it home now. Seems there is a riot going on at the shop over this piece , so they want it to go away fast...not to mention that they know where I live...

After a bottle of Murphys Oil soap and elbow grease for 2 hrs it is cleaning up nicely.
Tomorrow it is time for Howards to spiff up the finish a bit more.

Check out the old racks for paper, twine and who knows what? This store counter has to be a hundred years old. The opposite side where the customers would stand there is a shelf and there once was sliding glass to keep the goodies away from small hands I am sure. I added some vintage sheet music to the bottom of one of the drawers at it needed it.

As I took the drawers out (many with cubbies for sorting) Pinch me, please. I hoped to find a snippet of the past....something. I found the piece of a bill or sale. A hand written receipt. All I can make out is "Br", 1/2 do", "Spin" and "Kilo". That's it. There is a red "25 at the bottom right indicating part of the numeral to identify the ticket order. I Long for more. I wish it could talk. If I find out more, I will post it.

Needless to say, my Studio is singing as is my heart. Just the rejuvenating I need right now.



  1. You lucky you! Bellissimo. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. thanks for sharing, what a dreamy find! love the sheet music inside.
    and the scrap is just priceless!
    enjoy! it's so cool!

  3. I know this will be in your studio for years so come. What a great Christmas gift to your creative self....Enjoy !!!

  4. Oh Lisa,
    You are such a lucky girl. I love to find old things like that and the piece of paper in the drawer is icing on the cake. Congradulations. Enjoy. Have a wonderful holiday. Rita

  5. OMG!! That is amazing!! YOu are a lucky girl!!! Merry Christmas!
    HUgs, Tricia