Friday, April 29, 2011

Behind the Picket Fence

The PURGE continues!!!
Tomorrow I am out the door at 5:30 in the morning, headed to Huntington Beach to sell at this event...

This Entire week I have cleaned out every inch of my studios to bring a carload
of Vintage Treasures to sell.

Take a Look...

I am sure I will find more to add to this today.
What's left goes on ebay next week.

Cleaning out so I can focus on my Product line for the Gift Show.

Help these treasures find good homes!

Happy Friday everyone. Hope to see you in Huntington Beach tomorrow or
here in Blogland!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The PLUNGE...the PURGE!!!!

About 20 years ago, when I went to the LA Gift Show and the Beckman Show, I said...
"geeze, one day I am going to sell at one of these shows."

Along my creative way I went, Merrily shifting gears and changing directions many times over the course of those 20 years.

 I have done wholesale in the past with sculpted jewelry, hand painted pots and step ladders...then it was onto painting murals full time.  When I fell in love with vintage, an entirely new arena opened before me.
The dawn of mixed media and altered art created an even new path for me.
After years of selling at various venues and playing with multiple medias, I am coming full circle.

After much consideration and the encouragement of sweet friends, 
I have decided to PLUNG headlong into doing the Gift show.  
I am signed up for  a 10x10 space at the July 22-25th in the Vintage section.

Oh Geeze, what did I do?  Am I really ready for this?????
SQUASHING the Self  Doubt Fairy... 

I am.

It is totally exciting as this is an entirely different audience from what I have been use to.
But it is time I grow and pursue some of my bigger dreams.

The planning has begun.

NOW it is time to PURGE the Studio, refine my product line and move forth.

In doing this, I have A LOT I am getting rid of, sure to come see me this weekend at 

in Huntington Beach.


For now, I will be posting goodies on is the link

I will also be posting goodies I am selling on my FB page...

If you see anything you like...shoot me an email.
You can even save on shipping and come to my house to pick it up!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Urban Barn

I spent this past Friday & Saturday selling at The Urban Barn in Escondido!
It was a good show, great to see old customers and friends and meet new ones!
Some of you might know I was there a few weeks ago painting the Gypsy Wagon.

It didn't get finished yet, but what the heck, I am sharing the pics of what I did paint because I can't stand not sharing it with y'all.

I loved every minute of the some 18 hours I spent painting her...can't wait for Linda to finish her
and I wished I lived closer to dig in and help her...

After seeing my friend Tricia's Trailer the past two days, I am on the hunt for one for myself.
Time to embrace the Hippie Gypsy I have always been.
Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm not going to lie to y'all.
If you know me at all, I shoot straight from the hip and rarely mince words...
not in a mean way, but just matter of fact.

The past couple of months some pretty trying things have happened in my life.
Big, icky, uncomfortable, life altering things.
The kind of things you have NO CONTROL OVER,
yet they create change in your life.

The other well known
fact about me is that
Even when it is forced upon me & uncomfortable.
I learn from it, rise above and march forth with vigor, resolve
and often a new perspective.

Like the tree, that has no choice but to lose it's leaves in the winter, or the
caterpillar who builds its cocoon and emerges completely altered.

"The Bend in the Road, is not the End of the Road, unless you forget to make the turn"

So, Embrace the challenges in life.
They are beautiful lessons in disguise.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dreams come true!

A couple years ago I was a antique dealer at Treasures and Junk in Ontario.
Chad, one of the owners, came across this UBER cool Wagon.
At the time he acquired it, the Wagon was adorned with some of the most
(excuse my language)
BITCHEN carving you had ever seen.
A buyer came in and bought just the carving.
Chad had hired someone to paint some lettering in the style of a circus wagon.

I dreamed of having the chance to just go wild and paint this thing, but
where the heck was I going to put it if I bought it.
Not sure my neighbors would like it in the front yard.

Then low and behold,  Linda Carpenter from the Urban Barn bought it.
Recently, Linda approached me to help her design and paint it.
Finally, I got my wish.

Escondido is over 1.5 hours from me, so we spoke over the phone and
her and Steve started getting it base coated.

On Sunday, I arrived bright and early and we went over colors, artwork, etc.
I painted on Sunday from 10-6 and then came back on Monday
and resumed painting from 7:00-6:00.
Linda jumped in and started painting the trim colors, wheels and undercarriage.
It was nice getting to know her better.

Thought I'd be wiped out, but after the hundreds of murals, furniture, paintings, leather jackets, old windows, etc, etc, etc, that I have painted over the years, I wasn't because this was the MOST FUN!
Linda still has a quite a bit more embellishing to complete before the event on the 15th.
It is going to be OVER THE TOP!
After it's unveiling, I will post more pics of all of the artwork I painted,
but had to at least share a little bit of it 
and my "CREATIVE high" with you all.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!