Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm not going to lie to y'all.
If you know me at all, I shoot straight from the hip and rarely mince words...
not in a mean way, but just matter of fact.

The past couple of months some pretty trying things have happened in my life.
Big, icky, uncomfortable, life altering things.
The kind of things you have NO CONTROL OVER,
yet they create change in your life.

The other well known
fact about me is that
Even when it is forced upon me & uncomfortable.
I learn from it, rise above and march forth with vigor, resolve
and often a new perspective.

Like the tree, that has no choice but to lose it's leaves in the winter, or the
caterpillar who builds its cocoon and emerges completely altered.

"The Bend in the Road, is not the End of the Road, unless you forget to make the turn"

So, Embrace the challenges in life.
They are beautiful lessons in disguise.



  1. Hi Lisa, What a beautiful post! Sometimes we find disappointment in places we least expect.
    You're so right...we must always embrace our challenges and march toward the lesson we are about to learn. In the end, change always seems to take us to a better place!
    Hugs to you and Emily!

  2. What a lovely post friend...I adored it!
    I don't like change, I fear change, I'm terrified about not knowing what is on the other side...but your wording of this enescapable truth is so wise & filled with peace, it gives me payse.
    Thanks for your inspiration today!

  3. Thanks Sweet Friend, I needed this today and I pray "good change" in your life. Love you girls!

  4. Oh my~~yes I agree~~change can be a challenge.
    stretching us~~but with the hope of a new door opening!

    Sometimes a tug a war with myself ! while being taken out of my comfort zone...

    Hugs to you!


  5. Difficult things make us stronger even though it stinks while it's happening. Your post is beautiful and I think so many of us relate. Thinking good things for you Lisa! Say Hi to Em for me!
    xo, Amber

  6. I'll never forget someone wrote in my senior yearbook "Change is necessary in order to grow"

    At the time I thought how weird?! What the heck...

    Every time I've had a challenge I remember that post in the yearbook.
    It's so true!!! It's helped me so many times to remember that maybe there is a reason for things good and bad to happen .

    Best wishes and hugs to you...


  7. I love you Lisa~ you are an inspiration. I'm not a fan of change but I realize it is so necessary. you have a very healthy approach to it, wish I could say the same for me!

  8. I usually go screaming and kicking into any big change but it usually turns out better than I imagined. It was a pleasure meeting you at Paris in a Cup.

  9. I too, am the kicking and screaming type but am always thankful in the end, whether it betters my life or is a lesson that I need to learn, I usually embrace the outcome! Here is a big cyber-hug for you, my brave friend! karen...

    and pssst! You are always a beautiful butterfly!

  10. You girls are all Angels...Thank you for your friendship!
    XO, Lisa

  11. I'm going through some big changes and I have decide to make it an exciting adventure!!

  12. That was beautifully said Lisa. I met you at launch your creativity. I was the "new" girl with Rita and Amber. I could tell from the moment we met that you are a fighter. I will be praying for your beautiful journey and the amazing art that will come from it.