Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Urban Barn

I spent this past Friday & Saturday selling at The Urban Barn in Escondido!
It was a good show, great to see old customers and friends and meet new ones!
Some of you might know I was there a few weeks ago painting the Gypsy Wagon.

It didn't get finished yet, but what the heck, I am sharing the pics of what I did paint because I can't stand not sharing it with y'all.

I loved every minute of the some 18 hours I spent painting her...can't wait for Linda to finish her
and I wished I lived closer to dig in and help her...

After seeing my friend Tricia's Trailer the past two days, I am on the hunt for one for myself.
Time to embrace the Hippie Gypsy I have always been.
Happy Sunday Everyone!!


  1. Fabulous job! Your talent is amazing.
    Hugs xo

  2. You did follow your heart my Principessa! Thank you for sharing your artwork with us. You are so so gifted. As soon as the wagon is ready I want to take so many picture with you on it, in it, to the left of it, to the right......Baci Rita

  3. Most excellent Lisa! It's beautiful, just like you.

    Hope you're doing good!

    xo, Amber

  4. Lisa, Its "Oh My Gosh" wonderful! I hope you find a trailer. Someone show start a show with those who have trailers and call it "Gypsy Camp". Wouldn't it be fabulous....a gathering of trailers instead of tents. WOW!
    Give Em a hug for me.
    Sweet Blessings, Abbey

  5. Can anybody say AWESOME???? This is AWESOME friend, I ADORE it!! The colors, the design, the sayings...toooo cool.
    Where do I get a Gypsy Wagon???? ;)

  6. PS: I still really DIG your blog look...creativity abounds! ;)

  7. After seeing this in person, and seeing how much work there is in this, WOW... I love the way you are able to visualize and do it...That's a true artist. Beautiful!!!
    Love ya crack head :)
    I mean vintage soul sister..


  8. I asolutely LOVE how you painted the gypsy wagon!It is just beautiful! Lovely blog!!!