Monday, April 25, 2011

The PLUNGE...the PURGE!!!!

About 20 years ago, when I went to the LA Gift Show and the Beckman Show, I said...
"geeze, one day I am going to sell at one of these shows."

Along my creative way I went, Merrily shifting gears and changing directions many times over the course of those 20 years.

 I have done wholesale in the past with sculpted jewelry, hand painted pots and step ladders...then it was onto painting murals full time.  When I fell in love with vintage, an entirely new arena opened before me.
The dawn of mixed media and altered art created an even new path for me.
After years of selling at various venues and playing with multiple medias, I am coming full circle.

After much consideration and the encouragement of sweet friends, 
I have decided to PLUNG headlong into doing the Gift show.  
I am signed up for  a 10x10 space at the July 22-25th in the Vintage section.

Oh Geeze, what did I do?  Am I really ready for this?????
SQUASHING the Self  Doubt Fairy... 

I am.

It is totally exciting as this is an entirely different audience from what I have been use to.
But it is time I grow and pursue some of my bigger dreams.

The planning has begun.

NOW it is time to PURGE the Studio, refine my product line and move forth.

In doing this, I have A LOT I am getting rid of, sure to come see me this weekend at 

in Huntington Beach.


For now, I will be posting goodies on is the link

I will also be posting goodies I am selling on my FB page...

If you see anything you like...shoot me an email.
You can even save on shipping and come to my house to pick it up!


  1. YOU CAN DO It~ I say jump, take that leap of faith. Your work is amazing Lisa, you have enough cheerleaders and fans in the stands so grab that ball baby and just run !!!!

    Love ya
    Let me know if you need help :) XO

  2. Like Kat said,
    YOU CAN DO IT! and LET'S GET IT DOOOONE my Principessa. You are going to do great at the Gift Show. Baci Rita

  3. Wow Lisa~ Congrats! Let me know if you need any help.XO!!!!!

  4. Yes, I agree, "YOU CAN DO IT"! Life is all about dreams. We never know if we can do something, unless we try. I'm still working and dreaming of getting CR online to sell from the store that way. I think you will do very, very well there. Congrats on making such a good decision!

    Take care, Sue

  5. Way to go on your decision Lisa...I have no doubts you are going to do GREAT!

  6. Good Girl! So exciting! Going to try and stop by and see you guys this weekend I miss you!XO Bridgette