Friday, July 22, 2016

Making videos

I'm finally joining the world of online teaching! Yay! After many years of procrastinating, or maybe Just the fear of the ensuing learning curve I would have to embrace. I am in the midst of recording my first video.  While doing this the past few days, I've learned more than a few things and laughed along the way. Thought I'd share some levity with you!

Recording oneself for an online class might just be one of the funniest things I've done (sad, huh?) but then again, being able to laugh at oneself is a good thing, right? After calling the stepson to ask the stupidest question and have him point out what should be the obvious. Duh!,, The following are some thoughts, musings, etc:

#1 Use good lighting 

#2 not such good lighting that I look more washed out than my pasty white skin already makes me. 

Which brings me to...

#3 Oh my gosh woman, go put more makeup on. Don't you remember your high school thespian days and what stage lights do to you?

#4 NO horizontal stripes, "I think these stripes make me look even fatter, crap now I have to go change)  

#5 Make a script and try to memorize said script (unless you are good at shooting form the hip improvisation) I clearly am not as spontaneously clever as I thought. Hmpf

#6 wow, I look old! Oh well. Move on, no camera around is going to turn back that clock.

#7 record, watch, laugh, delete, record, Curse, watch, laugh, delete some more

#8. My dogs wonder what is going on, though they should be use to me talking to myself 😉

#9. Camera angles. Thank goodness for a joby, it can cling to anything. Even the dogs squirt bottle, propped up on a stool on top of the workbench. 

Wow, I'm so professional.

#10. I now clearly understand why there are lots of blooper reels. I could make my own.

Anyway, needed a little break from the insanity to share my insanity with you!

Back to recording! See you soon, in a online class perhaps.

Xo, Lisa