Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Market

To Market, to Market, to sell a fat pig...
okay, so I have the song wrong.

It really is to Urban Barn to sell some treasures.
Spring cleaning here at the Lisa Loria Studio Compound, called my HOME.

Fab items at Fab prices.
I will be at the Urban Barn in Excondido on FRIDAY only.
All I am selling this weekend is VINTAGE Treasures.
Only a couple of my finished pieces will be on hand
a couple Bling Babies and tiered display trays.
Come early...this stuff won't last...

This is only some of what is coming.
8 trays of jewelry...some sterling, signed pieces, GORGEOUS Antique books,
A grip of Stampington Magazines, cool magazine holders...etc.
GREAT for you peeps who are making jewelry out of Vintage.
Prices on the jewelry will range from .25 cents for some findings,
up to $10 for some pieces with a few at $15.

Sweet and Simple
Antique Gold Heart Lockets on working chains, $10 each.
Ready to give as gifts for Valentine's Day.

I also have a Fairly large collection of Vintage Barware.
Martini glasses, etc, etc.
Wasn't sure if I was going to bring those pieces.
Let me know if you are interested in those too!

I'll try to post more pics tomorrow.

Hope to see you at the Urban Barn this Friday.
10 a.m.



Monday, January 24, 2011

5 Times a Charm Class

Teaching with Rita on Saturday was everything I thought it would be...


Our students were Fabulous.

They soldered charms, jump rings, boxes, spoons...

Bent wire....

They learned how to make a necklace hang correctly.

about positioning findings properly.

hammering letters on the spoons was fun and a bit
of a challenge at times.

Our students were

Jamie, Carol, Maggie, Cammie, Kelly, Jodi, Liz.

I believe they
each came away with a lot of new skills.

Rita's husband Dean and sons Rafaele and Alan are wonderful.

We were waited on with Cuppucinos, Bruschetta, and a delicious lunch.
My hand painted lip sugar cookies were gobbled up all but one.

Looks like Rita and I will be teaching a lot more together in the near future!

A Fabulous Day.
I really enjoy teaching and thank you ladies for coming out to learn from Rita and I.
We are so grateful!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Class with Rita!

Life is full of firsts.

A first step.

A first kiss.

A first attempt at anything.

Learning is so much more fun when done with a group of new and old friends.

This Saturday, I have the honor of another First...

Co-teaching a class with my Treasured Friend Rita of Mammabellarte
at her Studio in Rainbow, California.

We will be teaching the 5 times a charm Necklace.

The supplies are loaded onto one of my tiered trays...

The students will be able to customize the colors of
their necklaces...

Lovely findings to choose from...

Helping Hands will be along to assist too!

Wherever you are this weekend. I hope it is LOVELY.
You will find me at the End of the Rainbow with Old and New Friends
celebrating the Sisterhood of Learning.
Don't forget to have...

I know we will!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Buddha's New Home

Many years ago, I purchase this uber cool Buddha Fountain at Target.

I created this sort of peaceful sanctuary for Him at the end of my side yard on one side
of my home.  Sadly, the fountain become home to too many mosquito larvae
as the water ran too slow.  So, I ended up filling
it with soil and planting flowers in it.

Finally deciding Buddha belonged somewhere in my home
so I could have a water sound inside as well as out, I went to disassemble
it and move Him inside.

To my dismay, the base reservoir had fallen apart out in the weather.
What to do with Poor Buddha Now?

I have been downsizing and simplifying my home for quite some time now
and have really created quite the spiritual, multi faith displays in my entry and
living room.

St. Francis if Assisi being my favorite Saint has accompanied Buddha indoors.
Last night I lit the candles and was quite happy with my new very Peaceful display.

I love symbols of Faith...any Faith.

Displaying them together brings me peace, 
because that is how I see that the world should be.

Peaceful despite our differences.

Coexisting out of TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE...

that we all have different paths to walk in this life.

And it is not our place to judge our Brother or Sister for how they believe
or the path that lies before them.

Peace and Love to you.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Kinda wish I were talking about Bee Hives.

That would be easier.
This is about the Hives that your body produces when 
experiencing an allergic reaction to a particular substance.

I suffered from hives sporadically as a kid, whenever I got cold suddenly.
Especially at the beach, the cold ocean water would bring them on and they
would be all over my hands, feet and hips. It was such a nuisance and I felt like some freak of nature breaking out in hives whenever it was cold.
Age took them away and I hadn't had the 
honor of being visited by them again...until YESTERDAY!

It was a beautiful Sunday Morning...
upon arising with a sinus headache which blurs my peripheral vision, 
I gulped an antihistamine and motrin and took to the task of cooking a yummy breakfast for the Fam.

I am a girl with a plan and even though I felt like HECK, out to the garage studio I went to 
clean, organize & plan.  Lots of shows coming up...
a customer was coming over to purchase some goodies at 2:00, 
so there was a deadline.

Sharon came, bought, visited and left.  The itching started at the base of my neck in the hairline and spread like a plague over every square inch of my body until the borders of the hives ran together.
In my ears, mouth and eyelids.
I became one giant welt.

6 benadryls later, 3 showers, gold bond, hydrocortisone and caladryl creams later.
I looked like a bright red swollen monster.
On top of it, MAYBE 3 hours of sleep.

A visit to my Dr.(who's family) yieled another antihisthamine
and steroids...and back to bed I went ALL day today.
My lovely family waiting on me and taking care of the house.

So, moral to this story?
I have been suffering for the past year what I believe to be some
new allergies, food based as well as environmental.
Lots of weird symptoms.
Have also been dragging my feet about going to a Dr.
Too busy for Doctors, here.

Guess what?
Tomorrow I  am seeing an allergist.
Looks like I am grateful today for Hives,
although, I certainly never want to see their ugly red selves around any time soon.

Since it is bad enough to describe hives, I hesitated at posting pics of them, 
so enjoy pics of my garden instead!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrilling Thursday

Today I drove 1 1/2 hours south to the Urban barn where I met up with a Susan who custom ordered two Bling Babies.  She bought one from me at Chateau and wanted two more.

Both were made Blonde and to match her and one of her daughter's bedroom decor.

She was quite happy, which makes me happy!

I also met up with Dyanna Cooley of Broke Jewels
who also custom ordered some of my display trays.

Dyanna LOVES these as she sells mostly components and they
are perfect for displaying her TONS of metal pieces.

She said people always want to buy them, so we will see how it goes if
any of the 5 she has made by me sell.

I apologize for the crappy background in my photos, but I was in a hurry.

After I headed to meet Rita for lunch and a bit more Junktiquing.

Then I got home in time for my third Yoga class which I LOOOOOVE!

It was a PERFECT day!
I brought home treasures too!

I am just grateful today for Bounty.
Bountiful friendships, work and just LIFE!