Thursday, January 6, 2011


Over the Break, Emily and I spent a day with my ULTRA COOL Uncle Tom!
We made a resolution to spend more time together.

After meeting at his very spiffy contemporary house in Pasadena, we headed to Los Angeles.
Uncle is he perfect tour guide for L.A.
It has been his playground forever.

First stop was the Disney Concert Hall.

The entire building is fluid and made of stainless steel sheets.

They had to brush the metal at one point because it was a mirror finish that was basically blinding peeps in the local buildings.

The designers behind this building are Brilliant.
It is after all, a Concert Hall.

I can imagine them thinking, we need to design a building that looks like it is dancing.
The music notes are swirling around the building.

One can walk around the entire outside of the building, up and down steps.

There are lovely little gardens tucked here and there.

And an Amazing mosaic fountain of delftware.

There are two outside amphitheaters as well.
In a few locations the original finish is intact.

So, we shot pics of ourselves in the reflection.

Onto MOCA, The Museum of Contemporary Art.
WOW.  Emily and I LOVED it.

This Giant sculpture is outside.
I call it "why I don't like to fly"

It is constructed entirely of fuselage parts.
Crashed or just broken, I don't know.
It is amazing.  How I would Love to work on an assemblage piece of this scale!

So much wonderful art inside, I am so inspired.

Next we passed through Chinatown to eat at the World Famous Felipe's.
Best French Dip and hello, coffee for 9 cents.
They have been there for over 80 years and it was PACKED.
Delicious too.

From there we went back to Pasasdena with intentions of seeing the Rose Parade floats, but they weren't open for viewing until the following day.

So, we went to the Gamble House.

It was closed for tours that day, but you can still walk the property and take pics.

Beautiful craftsmanship.
Can't wait to go back.

When we left there Uncle told us of a home built by none other than the famous 
Frank Lloyd Wright that is in serious disrepair and hello...EMPTY!
Can you believe it?

So, we shot pics through the fence.
Oh, how I wanted to hop it and trespass...yes, I did!!!

If I weren't a MOM, I would have!

Here is a link to what it really looks like.

A dream and to think it was only on the market at one point for a mere 7 Million.

It was a wonderful day spent with two people that I ADORE.

Uncle Tom and Emily!


  1. Fantastic photos--I love this!!

  2. oh that looks like so much fun i definately need to take dylan there

  3. What a fun day! Sometimes "vacationing" in ones backyard make for the best of times!
    Happy New Year! Amber

  4. Hi Lisa. What great photos. I've never seen that. One of FLW's home is vacant? Wow! Can you imagine! Thanks for sharing, I loved this tour. Have a great weekend.

  5. Looks like you guys had fun. I love your title for that sculpture about not flying. Good resolution-more time with family. Happy New year!