Thursday, January 20, 2011

Buddha's New Home

Many years ago, I purchase this uber cool Buddha Fountain at Target.

I created this sort of peaceful sanctuary for Him at the end of my side yard on one side
of my home.  Sadly, the fountain become home to too many mosquito larvae
as the water ran too slow.  So, I ended up filling
it with soil and planting flowers in it.

Finally deciding Buddha belonged somewhere in my home
so I could have a water sound inside as well as out, I went to disassemble
it and move Him inside.

To my dismay, the base reservoir had fallen apart out in the weather.
What to do with Poor Buddha Now?

I have been downsizing and simplifying my home for quite some time now
and have really created quite the spiritual, multi faith displays in my entry and
living room.

St. Francis if Assisi being my favorite Saint has accompanied Buddha indoors.
Last night I lit the candles and was quite happy with my new very Peaceful display.

I love symbols of Faith...any Faith.

Displaying them together brings me peace, 
because that is how I see that the world should be.

Peaceful despite our differences.

Coexisting out of TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE...

that we all have different paths to walk in this life.

And it is not our place to judge our Brother or Sister for how they believe
or the path that lies before them.

Peace and Love to you.


  1. Beautiful~ in every way! Visually and spiritually.

  2. Lisa I love that last picture of the Angel ..She's beautiful ..! Is she concrete or the new plastic of today ?

    I found this angel I wanted at a yard sale a few years back and they wouldn't part with her ..she was stunning and never found another like her yet ..

    Yours is one of the prettiest I have seen to date ..

    Have a Beautiful Day ..

    Blessings ..Sara

  3. Beautiful Lisa. Quieting and soothing post. Thanks you.

  4. Very YOU!! I Love it :) Cleansing the Soul and tranquil for 2011 :)