Monday, January 17, 2011


Kinda wish I were talking about Bee Hives.

That would be easier.
This is about the Hives that your body produces when 
experiencing an allergic reaction to a particular substance.

I suffered from hives sporadically as a kid, whenever I got cold suddenly.
Especially at the beach, the cold ocean water would bring them on and they
would be all over my hands, feet and hips. It was such a nuisance and I felt like some freak of nature breaking out in hives whenever it was cold.
Age took them away and I hadn't had the 
honor of being visited by them again...until YESTERDAY!

It was a beautiful Sunday Morning...
upon arising with a sinus headache which blurs my peripheral vision, 
I gulped an antihistamine and motrin and took to the task of cooking a yummy breakfast for the Fam.

I am a girl with a plan and even though I felt like HECK, out to the garage studio I went to 
clean, organize & plan.  Lots of shows coming up...
a customer was coming over to purchase some goodies at 2:00, 
so there was a deadline.

Sharon came, bought, visited and left.  The itching started at the base of my neck in the hairline and spread like a plague over every square inch of my body until the borders of the hives ran together.
In my ears, mouth and eyelids.
I became one giant welt.

6 benadryls later, 3 showers, gold bond, hydrocortisone and caladryl creams later.
I looked like a bright red swollen monster.
On top of it, MAYBE 3 hours of sleep.

A visit to my Dr.(who's family) yieled another antihisthamine
and steroids...and back to bed I went ALL day today.
My lovely family waiting on me and taking care of the house.

So, moral to this story?
I have been suffering for the past year what I believe to be some
new allergies, food based as well as environmental.
Lots of weird symptoms.
Have also been dragging my feet about going to a Dr.
Too busy for Doctors, here.

Guess what?
Tomorrow I  am seeing an allergist.
Looks like I am grateful today for Hives,
although, I certainly never want to see their ugly red selves around any time soon.

Since it is bad enough to describe hives, I hesitated at posting pics of them, 
so enjoy pics of my garden instead!



  1. Lisa, I am so sorry! I hope you are feeling better. My poor doggie has had hives for the past two weeks, she got them from a flea allergy. We have her on new flea medicine and doesn't even have fleas but she is so sensitive. Also on penicillin and benadryl. They are getting better but I was shocked to know that dogs get them too. Your garden photos are awesome. Love ya!

  2. Ah Lisa ...Those icky hives ..Abbey has had those for years ..always stress related in her case ...I know from her how bad they can be and I'm so sorry you had to live that torture the last few days.

    Glad your going to see a Dr, and hope they get you fixed up soon !

    I love your tiered trays ..they are so Beautifully unique ..I know your going to sell out of those come March at Chateau !

    Your Garden is Beautiful !!!

    Hugs and blessings ..Sara

  3. Oh Lisa, not fun. Best of luck with the allergist, I hope he figures it out. Had allergies as a kid, did all the injections for tests, not fun. I'll be rooting for you. Take care, Riki xoxo

  4. Not fun at all Lisa. So sorry you have to endure this again after such a long absence. It's good you are seeing a doctor. I love your garden and the way way you talk of being "a girl with a plan," and that I am too. Today I plan on doing housework and going outside to my studio. Have a great day and get better soon.

  5. Thanks for coming by. YES lets PLEASE get together! Email me....I have some ideas! can't find your email