Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Every year my Mom and I spend the day baking Christmas cookies that we pass out to Family and Friends. This year we wanted Nana to join us, but she is having Heart problems and had to be at the hospital for a special test. She is almost 11 years out of a triple bypass. We were bummed, but had to bake. Mom had to leave early to go get Nana. As she was leaving, Casey, my son Christian's long time friend came over to bake with me. Casey is like a daughter, no she is my daughter. She is a beautiful girl and has been kind of sad and lost I think.

I have this propensity to adopt kids. I don't mean really adopt them, but would if I could. Just bring them under my wing, give them someone to confide in and love them. Neighbor kids seeking shelter from arguing parents, children of alcoholics, absentee parents. There have been many a kid who has come into my home over the years and felt safe here. My son Christian's friends nicknamed me "Super Mom", not because I am super, but because none of them can lie to me and I have them "pegged" as soon as I meet them, knowing if they drink, smoke pot, etc. It unsettles them, but makes me laugh! I am just "tuned-in" to them is all.

I love being a Mom. My kids tell me, "Mom, you are everyone's Mom." and I am. Every time I help some kid be able to cross the street safely on his/her bike, stop to keep kids from bullying another kid, be a Girl Scout leader, etc, etc. I have told my kids that I am only doing for the absentee Mom, what I hope another would do for my kids in my absence.

Baking was wonderful, despite my Nana not being able to be there and we are still waiting to hear about her test results.

The white snowball cookie is my Paternal Grandmother's Recipe. She was "Dolly" to me, not "grandma" and she died of lung cancer when I was 17. I miss her still. I have baked that cookie for 28 years and am sure she baked it for at least 30 herself. It is the requested favorite and no they are NOT Russian teacakes...they are Pecan Balls. Like a delicate shortbread, no egg in that recipe. You see, my sons each have a favorite, that is requested each year. The trees are for my son Dylan, the Fudge for my eldest son Brandon and Christian/Em LOVE the Pecan balls. So everyone is happy and I manage to gain a few lbs with those darn things in the house...but what the heck. Tis the season, right?

Merry Christmas to all and don't forget the spread the LOVE, because that is really all that matters in Life!!!

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  1. Love that picture!!!lisa that should put in your kitchen every day to look at. I'm sad Nana wasn't there with you and hope she is feeling better. Love to you all :) Kat