Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas tree of Life

A few months ago, I scored this vintage hoop skirt at my favorite antique haunt.  I KNEW it would come in handy, just for what, I did not know, but had to have it.
Little is conventional in my home and Life.  It just is what it is.  In my effort to go greener, I refuse to buy a cut down tree or a fake one to take up precious attic space for that matter. This year was no exception to push the design marker.  I collect dress forms. Having over 20 in all shapes and sizes through my house, why not use one of them as a tree? I have had all kinds of crazy trees over the years. Some with Glittered High heel shoes and faces carved into concrete trunks, yes...everything is animated in my world. I live in Wonderland.
This year s no exception.  I illuminated the hoop skirt and Chandelier head, then hung all of the precious ornaments my children, Nana and Mom have made me over the years.
 She is kind of symbolic, this tree of mine. She is my tree of life.  I am the base and my children are the fruit which decorate me.  The work of my Mom and Nana are what have nourished me.
My Mom thought this years tree idea was crazy, offering 3 different times to buy me a tree. Insisting that my kids wouldn't like it.  On the contrary, they loved it, their friends love it.
Who wrote the Christmas tree rules anyway?
My Mom walked in the other day, looked at the tree, chuckled and said...
"Okay, okay, you were right, that is really cute and clever."
Merry Christmas to all and may the Holiday bring you much love!

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  1. Dear Lisa I adore your tree! I've been such a horrible blogger lately, but I've read yours and wanted to let you know I loved the post about your cookies and now your beautiful tree! Take care and I still have some Charlottes for you! :) Love ya!