Saturday, December 26, 2009

The aftermath.

No matter how much I plan, prepare and try to find my Zen each year as preparing for Christmas, I some how feel like I have run a marathon the day after.  This year, I seem to have reached the Nirvana of peace a little bit more. But in my typical fashion, by 11 am this morning, the decorations were down, boxed up and placed back up in the attic.  My house is cleaned up and order has been restored. 
I'd say, that my sanity has been restored too, but anyone who knows me...well... let's suffice it to say that sane might not be described as one of my prominent traits.

We do not live in the snow, but Mt Baldy and the Cucamonga Wilderness are basically in my back yard.  The pics are from a trip we took last winter up to play in the snow.  So pretty, thought I's share.

Peace & Love,

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