Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bling Baby Class

Had such a great Bling Baby class here yesterday in "The Rabbit Hole".

Studio was ready.  Cupcakes & coffee were waiting for the ladies to arrive...

Babies in Waiting watched over us as we worked.

My Shoeelier is back and graces one corner of The Rabbit Hole

Festive and fun!

Honored to have Patti and two of her lovely daughters Erika and Jenny!

The Lovely Maggie and Debbie all the way from Thousand Oaks.

Everyone is a little disturbed to start cutting up their dolls, but get into it once they start.

Debbie brought some beautiful Bling and was so organized placing it on black velvet to view 
and select.

Here are the ladies finished Babies.
SO cute and all were just amazing.
I just LOVE the process and watching each
lady how she works and selects her pieces.
How each doll seems to reflect the personality of it's creator.

Thank you so much Patti, Maggie, Erika, Jenny, Debbie for taking my class and spending the most lovely day with me & my daughter Emily.  A shout out does go to Emily who was the perfect hostess. SUCH an old soul in an 11 year old body who and helped and served the ladies as well as made the yellow and pink baby on the left.  By the end of class she was making flowered hairpins that she gifted each lady with.

After everyone left, Emily and I sat in the rabbit hole for another 2 hours making hair clips to sell at the next Vintage Marketplace, then we sat down to watch a movie.
She chose Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.
An unique 11 year old for sure!

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. what a fun day you all had!
    i love that movie, of the first dates my parents went on was to see that movie and mom said that if she ever had a daughter she would name her sabrina.

  2. Ohhhh the unique little ladies are ALL to adorable... Lisa you are right, each little gal has her own personality too cool... a little bow to all the ladies for creating such darlin bling babies & a bravo to the teacher... so wish I lived closer to been able to take the class.. I Live on the east coast at the Jersey Shore so it would be a long commute...hey you never know, dREaMs do come true ;O)....

    I had the pleasure of meeting you at "Art is ...You" in Petaluma and I brought one of your Bling Babies... the charming little color girl with the bee & rose on her head & the moving bird in the bird cage... I sooo ADORE her she truly is special & sweet as can bee...

    Emily has AWESOME taste in movies..LOVE the old classics and I'm a big fan of Audrey Hepburn.. and Sabrina is one of my favorites...I love the little one she created, talent definitely runs in your family... Well I'm off thanks for sharing such a great day...

    Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dREaMs! ;O)

  3. Lisa! You signed up to be on our mailing list at Loft 204 Gallery Store in the Claremont Packing House but it keeps getting bounced back. I probably typed it in wrong. I did find you though! I don't see contact info here and I wanted to let you know. Please write me at and we'll get you on our list for upcoming workshops and openings. Also, if you're interested in teaching workshops and/or consigning your work in our store, let us know, and we'll set an appointment!