Monday, June 7, 2010

Being Switzerland...

I have long admired Switzerland for their ability to maintain neutrality in an industrialized world that constantly commands we take sides. 
Whether those sides are religious,  political, over oil or economic in nature.  

Did you know Switzerland has not participated in an international battle since 1815?
They have the strongest government body in the history of the world,
a high GDP and very low unemployment...
and also a high literacy rate.

In the past year I have happily participated in several of art/craft/vintage shows.
Making friends, gathering loyal customers and participating in a community of 
Women Artists who should love and support each other.

Instead I have too often found pettiness and resentments.

I will not take sides.

  I am Switzerland.  

Men just duke it out, slap each other on the ass and say, "Good Game."
Having three sons, I know this first hand.

So I have decided to form the 

"See no Evil, Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil Campaign"

Aptly shortened into the "SHE Campaign" 

Did you know that "See no evil, Speak no evil and hear no evil"
started in Japan?
The philosophy probably originally came to Japan with a Tendai-Buddhist legend, from China in the 8th century (Nara Period). In Chinese, a similar phrase exists in the Analects of Confucius
"Look not at what is contrary to propriety; 
listen not to what is contrary to propriety; 
speak not what is contrary to propriety; 
make no movement which is contrary to propriety"

Isn't it about Artistic Community?
We are all trying to make a living doing what we love in what are rather stressful economic times.
About lifting our Sisters up?

They did it for Suffrage.  What happened?

My campaign seeks to build artistic community through mutual support, blogging, referring business, sharing information about shows,  non competition and not copying other artists ideas.

I Choose to "BE Switzerland and if you choose to do so also...
join "SHE" today.

If you want to join, leave me a post and feel free to copy my sidebar pic and post it to your own blog, forward it to your friends.  It is time Women support Women and lay down the baggage they carry.


  1. It is so true! You sure lifted me up, Sister/Principessa. Ciao Rita

  2. I so agree and am with ya! Being the "older" generation I find myself wondering sometimes "why"?? Thanks for putting it out there, your friendship is a gift to me!

  3. Why can't we all just get along and HELP each other.

    When I worked in the office I saw how sometimes us girls just didn't support each other....never "got why".

    Art is so freeing and expressive there is room for all I would think.

    Love "SHE" great idea...thanks for posting.

  4. Sorry, I goofed up my comment above. I was saying that it is amazing to me that people have no shame. In my store, someone will come up with a creative idea, something new and different. And pretty soon five or so other dealers are doing the same thing. I would be SO embarrassed to copy. There is a store "down" the street from me that sure looks a lot like mine. The owners use to be dealers in my store years ago. Again, I would be SO embarrassed! Great post, I'm thinking about moving to Switzerland right now.

    Take care, Sue

  5. Hi!
    I really loved this post...
    and so true. Sad but true.

    Here is my take on this issue...keep in mind I'm sort of new to the blog world, but have been in the artistic circles since the early 80'.

    Some are so intent on self promotion, money, and getting on top they'll step on anyone to reach their goal.
    Friends are in some cases just a stepping stone...easily discarded.

    I used to work at the most wonderful place in Southern California called The Country Loft.
    This wonderful store was full to the brim with support, ideas to be shared, and most importantly friendship!
    That's the way it should be...


  6. Oh so right!!! I talked to an Antique store owner regarding my banners and she started to tell me about a group of artists who are fighting for the rights to the decorated/soldered bottles.... She said she and her peers are avoiding buying them because they don't want to be caught up in the pettiness! Now everyone who makes those and tries to sell them to those particular dealers will lose out! Who wins? Nobody! I need to join SHE!!!
    and by the way cute Lisa.... I love my earrings and got tons of compliments on them!! I still have my eyes out for more dolls for you! Hugs! karen....

  7. Well stated!! I'm with you!