Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun with Friends!

Yesterday I met my friend Christie Repasy in Redlands at the home of friends,
Lori & Jamie Martin.  Lori is a lifelong antiques dealer who has passed the passion for Vintage onto her daughter Jamie.  Lori has a space in Old Glory Antiques in Redlands and Jamie co-owns a shop named Shabby Chateau in Crestline.  Both gals were at Glitterfest across from me and next to Christie.

Driving through the amazing Victorian, Crafstman, Bungalow and Spanish style house lined streets of Old Redlands is worth the trip alone.  Amazing homes!

This is the Martin's Home.  It sits way back from the street.

The carved details and architectural elements we were drooling over!

The drivway and detached garage was full of antiques for us to shop from.

We even made our way into the attic...up, up, up the old wood stairs we go.

Watch out for ghosts!

Here they are...not the Ghosts...LOL!
I found the girls digging through old petticoats and linens...

Lori has Dreamy stuff EVERYWHERE!

Just Loved the Raspberry color in the dining room.

The kitchen is wide open, Dreamy pale pink with Architectural elements everywhere.  The table in the middle is sold and Lori is installing a vintage store counter as the center Island.  She is also planning on doing the floor in black and white to compliment the Candy Store Theme!

Big antique Bunny Candy Molds, art from Debbie Thibeault and Christie Repasy.

She said, please make sure you say, my home is still a work in progress.
Please, Christie and I were just in Vintage Heaven!

Christie's Booty she scored...all very pretty and oh so "Christie"

On it's way back to her studio to prepare for Chateau de Fleurs on June 18th/19th.

Okay, so why does my pile look like a pile of "poo" compared to Christie's????

Box of baubles...YUM!  Old Lamp parts, Victorian Black be recovered.
A victorian lace dress in perfect condition and Cupcake go with my new
line of Confection themed Jewels!!!

Seriously, it will look better when I am done with it all.

We spent all day Antiquing...More on that tomorrow!

A beautiful day spent with Three Beautiful friends, "Junktiqueing" together.
Does it get much better than that?

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Love the pictures of the house! I believe Lori shops at Country Roads from time to time. And that store counter and glass show case above as my name written all over it! I miss Christie being at the store, she needs to come back! Thanks for the great photos, loved them all!

    Take care, Sue

  2. Love my little girl I bought from you at Glitterfest!!! She had the white pearl crown. Haven't taken photos yet, but will soon for my blog and website.

    It was so nice to meet you. It looked like you had a very successful day!!

    Thank you for the invite. I will try VERy hard to come!!
    I'm following you so I will be kept up to date!!

    Warm Wishes,
    Karen Eileen

  3. Love the post pictures Lisa. You did good capturing the first part of our amazing day with Lori and her wonderful daughters which she has trained so well to dig for those special treasures. Hey your pile is full of imagination and creativity! Anyway I had a great time with you and am totally up for another trip in the near future. hugs, Christie

  4. This is amazing .. I found you through Christie .. I'll be back to visit more often .. what a wonderful home, and the treasure hunt looked soo FuN !! A Wonderful day when spent with friends too !! Hope you have an awesome, and blessed Sunday ~

    huGs ~tea~ xo

  5. are killing me here!! I should have been there. And I am so happy you and Christie had such a good time, well deserved. Ciao Principessa dalla Regina

  6. Love it Lori ~ Thanks for letting us take this tour with you, your finds are wonderful~ I'm really looking forward to "Chateau De Fleurs" ~ Hope to see you there ~ Much Love Andrea

  7. Lori and I have been friends for several years. She is very talented and gracious. Her home has come a long way. She decorates beautifully and is kind hearted. I am now addicted to antiques and vintage decor.

    Mary Fruciano

  8. Soo much fun Girls!! Cant wait to go Junking again!! Rita dont worry there will be plenty of more junking trips to follow! We know all the good places to Digg!! Cant wait to see you girls again!!
    xxoo jamie

  9. Lisa, your music is so awesome and right up my alley!! I get lots of compliments on my own music. It's refreshing to hear good old folk music!!