Saturday, October 1, 2011


Last Saturday at O'Dark-thirty, the Man and I headed out to Petaluma, North of San Francisco
for ART-IS You.  I sold at a trunk show that evening.

We drove right back Sunday afternoon.  That's about 15 hours of driving in about 40 hours of time.
All though it seemed like we crammed 4 days into was really FUN!!!

The show was good, we had a lovely lunch on Sat with my good friend Julie Nutting and her hubby.
Petaluma is CHARMING....OLD victorian homes and yummy eats.
Sunday morning was an Antique Street Faire and then we ate breakfast at one of the local hotspots.
Found a wonderful Church Rummage sale, where we spent two hours and ran into
a lady we had met at the show the night before.

Fabulous time...Took a bunch of pics of Petaluma...Enjoy!

WONDERFUL Alter of the Episcopal church.  Carved wood panels.
The stained glass window above the alter is the same window that is pictured a couple above
from the outside.
Such a charming and quaint church.

There were three stained glass windows at the back of the church.
So pretty.

Driving up the 5 fwy through central California is evident to why we are called
"The Golden State"
No rain = golden hills.
It is pretty.

I liked the contrast with the gray-blue skies.

When is our next Road Trip???
I am ready!


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