Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bling Baby Class

Started making Bling Babies, one of my signature Art/Display pieces almost 3 years ago.
have taught 2 classes of them and it is time to teach another.

Come join me here in "The Hole"
(one of my home Studios)
On November 5th from 10-3 and you can make your very own Bling Baby.

What you need:
a Vintage doll, preferably composition or hard plastic
(NO porcelain unless it is cleared with me)
a vintage lamp or birdcage.
BLING...whatever you want to decorate your bodice with.
a Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Wire cutters

I will provide the rest of the supplies,
You will be served lunch and snacks and we will have a BLAST!!!

You will learn all of my tricks in composing these lovelies.
Not to mention power tools, you girls will learn to use a few of these,
but don't be scared, it really isn't a big deal!!!

Class is $95.00
Email me daydreampainter@aol.com
or call me (909) 921-2976
for more details or to sign up.


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