Monday, October 3, 2011

It's my Baby's Birthday

Time Flies, doesn't it?
Today my Emily is 11 years old.


She was one of those surprise pregnancies.

Her Dad looked at me and said, "gosh I feel almost selfish, you have half raised three sons and now I am asking you to start over."  Like there was any question about it, I WAS starting over with a new baby, a new husband and my sons were 15, 10 and 8 years old when she was born.

My oldest son Brandon holding her as an infant.

And am I SOOO Happy I did.

Her dad and I had been friends for over a year before we became romantically involved.
He had never been married and had no children of his own.  All he ever said was that he had hoped to meet a nice girl and have a daughter.
Since he died when she was 3, I am thankful that I was able to give that much to him even though it ended way too soon.

This pic with her Daddy is when she was 1 and my youngest son Dylan was 9.

Emily is a pistol and a Joy all wrapped into one.
We use to set up little photo shoots of her.  
This is our backyard.

She is super smart and super talented and very articulate.
It is interesting to see parents genes unfold in their children.
She Loves to read, sings nonstop (like her Momma), loves animals,
(especially horses, like her Daddy).

We all hear the saying that sons leave, but daughters are forever.
I HOPE so, because I am not ready for her to grow up and leave!


She is my buddy and I LOVE her more than words can express.

And I thank her Dad for her as much as he use to thank me for her.

Hold them close, for it flies by so fast.

Happy Birthday Dear Daughter!


  1. What a great gift, and yes daughters can be your best friend...mine is oxox, Diane

  2. She is so wonderful Lisa, just like you. So glad we got to have tea on Saturday. see you at Glitterfest!

  3. Oh sweet Emily! I wish her the happiest birthday ever and many, many, more to come. What fun pictures and memories to hold onto forever. Girls are such a joy and the two of you make an AWESOME PAIR! Love you girls :))

  4. how sweet! happy birthday to your Emily! My daughter will be turning 6 tomorrow and I want her to stop growing now too!

  5. A very, very beautiful post my friend. It really touched my heart! And I "know" Emily had a wonderful birthday. I loved all the pictures. Our little ones grow up way to fast. Enjoy her!!

    Take care, Sue

  6. H Lisa! She is beautiful, just like her beautiful Mom. How precious, and what a gift. So great to meet you in person! You are adorable, and loved meeting your husband too. Take care. Riki xox

  7. Hi Lisa and Emily,
    Feel so bad...tried 3 times yesterday to leave a Birthday message for Emily...but no luck somethings wrong with my blogspot...LOl!!
    Sweet Emily, Larry and I hope you had a wonderful day and wish you the Happiest Belated Birthday. Wish I had known on Saturday and I'm sorry we never got a chance to talk. Hope to see you both soon! Emily you know Larry and I love you bunches!!
    Debbie & Larry

  8. How did I miss this post! She is adorable.
    Peperoncino!!! you are growing too fast.