Friday, July 17, 2009

Dollie Heads

Not sure what it is about Doll heads. Tiny ones, big ones, mannequins and the like. I love them all.

These sweet little dollies were all once loved by a little girl SOOOO much that their bodies wore out. Kind of like us people do. Their little faces have a time worn patina as well, uh-er, AGE...just like us.

Time these little lovelies were resurrected to a new life....

A little more embellishing and they will be done, but I love them all grouped together right next to my desk...watching me work.

This lovely has a hand stitched Hot Pink top Hat and new Hair...

Love, love, LOVE them!


  1. Wow Lisa! So glad we found each other. Looking forward to meeting you tomarrow. I love your work and your banner is to die for!!

  2. I have that doll head thing too and I also can't explain why. They are best all together-or glued onto another type of body( like a tiger or your birdcage)I should send you some pictures of some of the ones in my house-maybe we can trade ideas for what to do with them. I'm already totally going to copy your birdcage idea. Also-did you make that dress form cabinet? Because it has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen, seriously.

  3. Didn't make the shelved dress form, but am making a tabletop version. I have about 30 dress forms throughout my house. Embellished with seashells, jewelry, mosaics, etc, etc. I make chandelier heads on many of them...all kinds of crazy stuff. Mannequins, dress forms, doll heads...I want to make a tray of full of hands to display jewelry on. Think I like body parts...LOL

    I modified a few heads, I will share & re-post in a day or two.