Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The most hectic weekend. Saturday we had a yard sale. One of the most crummy sales ever BTW. At any rate, finished a couple Fabulous pieces of furniture for my space at Treasures & Junk in Ontario. After we wrapped it up, loaded up my Jeep with the remaining yard sale stuff, swearing it would not return to our garage or attic. Rob loaded his car with my finished furniture as I showered then we headed to deliver furniture and re-arrange my space. Next, a trip to BevMo, it's the 5 cent sale(Woohoo-Score)! Then to the market & home to prepare for my youngest son, Dylan's 16th b-day party on Sunday.

Sunday we arose at 6 am to clean house, mow lawns and cook/setup for 20 family guests. Sunday was fabulous and we had a wonderful time with our family celebrating Dylan's b-day.

By Monday, I was wiped. Knew I had to take my car load of stuff to the thrift store, but really didn't want to. About 2 in the afternoon, Dylan asks to be taken to his Dad's house in Upland. So, figure since I am out, might as well take the car load of stuff to the thrift store as it is on my way. As we pull up, the sign states "no more donations for the day". The donation area is overloaded, I can see that. But amidst the piles, I spot some pretty cool OLD stuff. I get out of the car and tell the guy charge..."I came to drop off a carload, but see you are full...I am however interested in this pile of stuff here. Can you give me a price?" His reply..."Well, since you are bringing me a bunch, why don't you just take this stuff as trade."

You mean as in FREE??? WOOHOO...SCORE!!! Almost hyperventilated on the spot as my son and I did the the exchange. Look what I got in exchange for my yard sale leftovers. Believe it or not...I have been looking for this shabby stuff to transform. Old headboards, shadow boxes, mirrors, etc.


So, I thank the fellow most graciously and enter the thrift store to shop as an actual customer. I found another load of "Booty"! The icing on the cake of this day????
A vintage Sailor Valentine...tramp art piece. I LOVE anything OLD made of vintage seashells. And guess how much???? $1.50


So, that was my Monday...then came Tuesday. As I felt so lucky from Monday, I headed out Tuesday after visiting in the am with my BFF-soul sister, Kathy. My daughter Em and I headed to the same thrift store as yesterday...no luck other than a cute bathing suit for her.

Off to Goodwill...and WOOHOO-SCORE again...A full set of French Provincial furniture...High Boy, Long dresser, night stand, head/foot board and mirror. All for $140. The good stuff, not the cheapy stuff. It will paint up sooo pretty.

Maybe I should play the lottery tomorrow. They still do that on Wednesdays, right??

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  1. wowser...your lucky day.....Im not even believing that headboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you go girl!!!!!!!!!