Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mannequin Madness

So, when my oldest son walked into my old studio a few years back, he said..."Mom, I think it's looking a little like Silence of the Lambs in here." I laughed and replied, "These are my friends and I talk to them when I am lonely." Clarice...

Of course I am not serious but I do ADORE painting these lovely ladies and giving them makeovers. Guess it is a flashback from childhood playing with dolls and making many of my doll's clothes by hand as we didn't have much money to buy tons of new stuff.

Most are in pretty sad shape when they come to me, but that is the part I love best.

My home is FILLED with Dress forms and mannequins that have been recycled & "re-purposed". So, if any of you fine ladies come across any Vintage Mannequins or Dress form deals out there...kick em my way...or I can re-paint one for you, if you like!

Next I need to photograph my dress forms...OOOhhh La, are in for a treat!
Seashells, rhinestones, vintage glass, roses...lace, jewelry...topped off with a chandelier...Yummy!!!!

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